Keynote Speaker Mihael Pogacnik

Mihael Pogacnik

Classical Violinist, Cultural Entrepreneur and World-Renowned Creativity and Innovation Catalyst

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Miha Pogačnik’s Key Accomplishments Include . . .
Miha Pogačnik (Po-gah-chnik) offers an original response to today’s quest of the business world for creative, innovative thinking because “creativity and innovation are primary business skills central to growth and sustainability. If you add passion, courage, performance and imagination, you have the qualities that artists live by.” By establishing a new relationship between the arts and business, one which brings the profound musical process to the corporate floor and uses the arts as an organizational development tool, bold visions can be considered and realized. The linear and rational must fuse with inspiration, beauty and passion for change to be implemented. Miha Pogacnik has been hailed by The Guardian, London, as an artist who is making “hard-nosed executives turn to the world of creative talent in a pragmatic effort to improve efficiency.”

The Cultural Ambassador of the Republic of Slovenia and a former Fulbright Scholar renowned for setting the world standard in “Art and Business”, Miha Pogacnik has the exceptional capacity to inspire business leaders to “think outside of the box”. His cutting-edge approach and genius fuel organizational and individual development and shed new perspective on corporate strategy. The objective of his unique methodology is to help organizations become “masterpieces” by reaching their full potential.

Whether it is Bach, Beethoven, Brahms or Bartok, using his consummate violin artistry as a catalyst, Miha Pogacnik “unravels” musical masterpieces. In this way, he explores the parallels between musical and organizational identity and business processes, and enhances understanding of the most pressing demands of business, ranging from the search for excellence, leadership, and innovation, to problem-solving and development, as well as mobilization around a powerful sense of purpose and direction.

Miha Pogacnik underscores the need for openness, flexibility and courage of teams to challenge their assumptions and ways of working. He demonstrates that art is a significant force for productivity, creativity, and organizational renewal.

More About Miha Pogačnik. . . 
Miha Pogacnik taps the largely unexplored potential of art as a significant force for productivity, creativity and organizational renewal by using music to enhance understanding of the most pressing demands of business, ranging from the search for excellence and quality, to problem-solving and leadership.

As President of the Institute for Development of Intercultural Relations through the Arts, Miha Pogacnik has directed the “Annual Art and Business Conference”, in Castle Borl-Ankenstein, Slovenia since 1998. This event has attracted participants from around the globe and is widely regarded as one of the major international “Art and Business” events. He has also orchestrated 180 intercultural festivals and exploratory learning journeys around the world to build bridges between cultures, minds and perspectives in recognition of the need for change.

In the corporate sector, Miha Pogacnik has brought his insight and inspiration to scores of leading companies across industries, such as: Ericsson, Shell, IBM, Hewlett and Packard, Saatchi & Saatchi, Pfizer Global Pharmaceuticals, Whirlpool, Skandia Insurance, ABN Amro Bank, Fortis, Nike, Body Shop, World ESOMAR Research, Cushman Wakefield, Healey and Baker, Deutsche Telekom, Porsche, World Economic Forum/Davos and others.

Miha Pogacnik is fluent in English, German and Slovene.

Testimonials 6

  • “It was such a pleasure and now Miha is part of our journey. Miha Pogačnik’s session has planted a seed with all those who were there, the rate of growth will not be the same for all, and that is the beauty of life.”

    Skandia Insurance Co Ltd

  • “I first saw Miha at a worldwide advertising congress and was completely bowled over by him. I have never seen anyone so successful in bringing two seemingly opposing concepts together – classical music and business school theory. When you hear a piece of music deconstructed by him, his message takes on a very powerful form. I would really encourage anyone to listen to him – it is difficult to imagine the power and the impact.”

    Saatchi & Saatchi

  • “Miha Pogačnik is so “AT ONE” with his violin; it is sheer joy to listen to his commentary and hear the profound sounds that he evokes from that magnificent instrument. it is an extension of his very being!”

    Pfizer Global Pharaceuticals

  • “A brilliant and challenging performance! Miha Pogacnik was successful in making the concept of leadership, strategy and creativity into a personal experience. His strong personality and his unique insights have left its mark throughout the remainder of our leadership conference.”


  • “When Miha went to the stage, it was very clearly a breath of fresh air. The energy, the power! The audience was tired, exhausted, but at the end of the performance, incredibly reenergized, revitalized.”


    Chairman Emeritus, Asia Pacific, AC Nielsen

  • “Miha Pogačnik, an exceptional virtuoso, is a unique explorer who is bringing music to business not as entertainment, but to enhance understanding.”

    World Economic Forum

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