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Nicole Sachs, LCSW

Speaker, Writer & Psychotherapist

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About Speaker Nicole Sachs…

Nicole J. Sachs, LCSW is a speaker, writer, and psychotherapist who has dedicated her work and her practice to the treatment of chronic pain and conditions. She is the author of the book The Meaning of Truth, and the online course FREEDOM FROM CHRONIC PAIN. Her brand, The Cure for Chronic Pain, includes a Website, Podcast and YouTube Channel. Her personal experience as well as work with thousands of people around the world have shaped and evolved Nicole’s theories, which serve to teach those suffering how to heal themselves completely with no medication or surgery.

At the age of 19, Nicole was delivered a life-altering diagnosis: a degenerative spinal condition that doctors warned would severely limit her life, and even keep her from having biological children. Through her journey of mind/body medicine which included a professional partnership with the acclaimed Dr. John Sarno, Nicole has lived a life without barriers, carrying her three beautiful babies to term and exercising until the day they were born. Using her own story as a launching pad, Nicole has a unique empathy which propels others to heal in breathtaking fashion. As a clinician, Nicole has succeeded in guiding some of the most extreme cases of chronic pain and emotional stagnation to complete recovery. She has run retreats and workshops large and small across the country for both professionals and lay participants, and appeared on TV and Radio as an expert in her field.

Nicole’s passion, expertise, and personal story draw people in from the moment she speaks, as she invites them to take back their lives with renewed energy and strength.

Chronic pain is but an entry point, inviting us to the precipice of truth which has been awaiting our acknowledgement. Nicole serves as a sage guide and a spirited cheerleader, igniting the willingness in each of us to seek more out of life, and reclaim personal power as never before.

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