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Organizational Health as a Competitive Advantage

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Pat Richie’s Key Accomplishments Include . . . 

As one of the first Table Group consultants Pat has worked with hundreds of executive teams. He makes a strong connection with every client, illustrates Lencioni principles with distinctive strokes, and finds ways to help even difficult team members become part of a cohesive unit. He is known for helping organizations deal gracefully with very thorny issues and for challenging top teams to stay on top. His passion for organizational health is obvious and his commitment to his clients is clear.

Why Pat Richie

  • Learn why the book “The Advantage” has been a runaway bestseller. Most organizations are “smart” i.e. good at strategy, technology, finance, partnerships, etc.  In spite of this most organizations struggle with politics and confusion.  In short, they are “smart” but not “healthy”.  They lack the true executive cohesion and clarity to effectively tap into all there smarts.  We can help you learn, develop, and execute the four disciplines of a Healthy Organization in a way that you, your employees will embrace and enjoy…..and your competitors will envy.
  • Build Highly Cohesive and Performance Teams.   Can you truly say members of your leadership teams trust each other?  Do they openly disagree with each other in healthy debate or instead conduct back channel discussion to complete their agenda.  Ever attend a meeting and think to yourself “I thought we decided this 3 months ago?”.  These symptoms are signs that a team is suffering from dysfunction.  We’ll show you practical, non-touchy, feely solutions to the issues that are proven to bring results in short order.
  • Create Organizational Clarity that actually adds value.  In the 80’s consultants inflected us with massive mission statements, vision documents and core values which no one really knows and are best nice decorations on our walls.  Organizational Clarity was not meant to be pedantic but transformative.  In answering Six Critical Questions (which is not a quick, thoughtless exercise), we’ll demonstrate how to add institutional value through your culture and immediate impact to your bottom line.   This is not your fathers “Mission Statement”.

Currently, Pat works regularly with CEOs and executive teams to quickly and effectively apply the concepts captured in all of Pat Lencioni’s books. His clients span a broad spectrum of various industries including, but not limited to: private equity + portfolio companies, energy, health care and technology.

Pat is an expert facilitator strategic and Board meetings. He has done so for several publicly traded companies. His understanding of the unique make-up of executive teams with the Myers-Briggs instrument has had a major impact as well. He is often asked to lead a meeting he calls, “The Elephant Hunt” – a frank conversation about the “elephants in the room” – those difficult conversations many organizations need to have, but don’t want to with out some experienced assistance.

Prior to joining The Table Group in 2004, Pat had extensive experience in helping build high performing teams as part of five Super Bowl Championships with the San Francisco 49’ers. He also worked with the San Francisco Giants for 13 years. He is the author of two books on leadership and has spoken to over 500 unique audiences in the US, Canada, Europe and Australia.

Pat Richie and his wife live near The Woodlands, Texas.

Testimonials 3

  • “Pat Richie is a gifted thinker and speaker. In my 16 year association with the NFL, I was both challenged and encouraged by Pat.”  

    Andy Wasynczuk

    Faculty Harvard Business School

  • “Pat Richie is one of the most effective thinkers in the area of individual and organizational development, he has made a monumental contribution to the leadership of the Indiana Pacers, he helped us focus on our values and our internal teamwork; we are better because of the genuine caring way he works with us.”  

    Jim Morris

    Former Executive Director of United Nations World Food Programme, Currently President Indiana Pacers

  • “Pat’s warmth, wisdom and authenticity are contagious. He just makes you want to listen.”

    Patrick Lencioni

    Author, The Five Dysfunction's of a Team and The Advantage President, The Table Group

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Four Disciplines of a Healthy Organization Workshop

Overall Objective: 

The purpose of The Four Disciplines of a Healthy Organization offsite is to provide the opportunity for an executive team to assess their organization’s overall health, including their team’s cohesiveness, and identify specific action items for immediate improvement.

Workshop Overview: 

During this highly interactive, fast-paced session designed specifically for leaders and their direct reports, a leadership team will put into practice the model outlined in Patrick Lencioni’s The Four Obsessions of an Extraordinary Executive (see figure below) and The Five Dysfunctions of a Team.  Facilitated by Pat Richie, a leadership team will:

-Gain a thorough understanding of the expectations and challenges in building and maintaining a cohesive team;

-Assess and make immediate strides in overcoming their team’s potential dysfunctions

-Review and validate the shared understanding of the Organizational Clarity within the organization;

-Discuss the implications of appropriate communications and what changes are necessary to ensure alignment throughout the organization; and

-Discuss the basic human systems and structures necessary to ensure consistent execution against behavioral expectations and strategic objectives.


Throughout the offsite, teams will take time to identify areas for improving the overall Organizational Health™ of the organization.

Teamwork for Corporate Leadership

Outcome: The group will improve their understanding of the process for building a cohesive leadership team and how each member’s style may impact the team’s effectiveness.  Each team member will recognize his or her own preference for dealing with situations in a particular way and develop a common language for discussing issues and challenges among the group.  Additionally, the team will resolve any structural challenges that may inhibit the group’s ability to work together.

Suumary: A tailored solution to help build and maintain a cohesive leadership team and enhance organizational clarity.


The proposed one-day can be tailored to longer or shorter program needs. This advanced teamwork workshop is designed to ensure that attendees:

-gain a comprehensive understanding of the five threats to teamwork

-consider examples from other leading companies and teams that struggle with and / or overcome teamwork issues

-learn practical tools for overcoming the dysfunctions of teams


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