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Bestselling Author and Corporate Strategist Revolutionizing Performance for the World's Smartest Companies

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“Culture” is Merriam Webster’s 2014 Word of the Year — it was the most searched for definition – and remains the most overused, yet often least understood concept in business. Bestselling author Stan Slap understands exactly how manager, employee and customer cultures work and how to gain their maximum, adrenalized commitment. He is credited with revolutionizing the performance of many of the world’s most successful companies.

This is a keynote speaker who knows exactly what he’s talking about and can prove it.

Why Stan Slap?

  • A bestselling author, business thought leader and CEO, Stan Slap shows how to revolutionize performance for the world’s biggest, smartest companies.
  • He will teach your audience real solutions to age old problems that hinder businesses and organizations.
  • As companies in over 70 countries attest, Slap sparks ferocious commitment in manager, employee and customer cultures. CEO Robert Hohman says, “I’ve never met anyone who knows more about employee culture than Stan Slap.” Stan developed the employee reengagement plans for HSBC, Europe’s largest bank, and jumped Rackspace 40 points on the Fortune Best Companies to work for list in a single year. General Electric CMO Beth Comstock says, “I wish we’d had Stan at GE during our branding efforts.” Hewlett Packard credits Stan with helping to achieve their coveted channel partner relationship, considered the model for any company. He has created legendary brand strategies for companies ranging from Intel to Black Entertainment Television.

Put Stan on stage at an all-hands, executive retreat or sales kick off and he can help you get emotional commitment from your manager culture, fierce support for any company goal from your employee culture, and brand status from your customer culture. Having a tough time? He can show you how to create a culture of accountability and resilience. You’ll get real insight, real tactics and real inspiration.

Stan’s training programs are taught in over seventy countries and Stan himself is an in demand keynote speaker around the world.  The first of his three-book series for Penguin, Bury My Heart at Conference Room B, immediately became a bestseller, topping charts from The New York Times to The Wall Street Journal.  His second book, Under the Hood, will be released on March 10, 2015.


Testimonials 7

  • Stan Slap has changed the very character of Microsoft. He is directly responsible for success at this company.


  • Stan Slap’s work blows everything else away in terms of substance and impact.


  • Stan Slap was the star of the show. He was absolutely amazing both in his own thought leader session of 500 people, which was standing room only, and in the general session in front of 3,000 peopl

    American Society of Association Executives

  • “After one exposure to Stan Slap’s thinking we asked him to join our board of directors. His company’s solutions stick. They immediately entered the pulse and the bloodstream of this company.”



  • “I had to experience it to believe it. Everything we’d heard about slap solutions was true; everything we’d hoped they would be, they were. Stan Slap can see leading edge in his rearview mirror.”


  • “Stan Slap has changed the way I manage, the way I think about business and the way I think about life.”



  • “The slap company’s approach to creating what they call a ‘brandable customer experience’ does exactly that. It’s the best I’ve seen in all my years in business.”


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How to create the link between enterprise performance and cultural behavior

Any audit of your culture is just management information. Like any management information it is essential and essentially useless; it only has value when it’s translated into action. The Bridge is intended as a performance tool for you so it gives you deep and accurate insight while also allowing you to execute on that insight: how to protect what is working, correct and prevent what is not.

1. Will cause rapid and dependable execution of brand strategies
2. Will protect what is unique, competitive and cherished about your culture and get it in #ghting
shape to take on the challenges of increasing market share and revenue
3. Will ensure that future strategies and goals will be implemented as well, or even better, than
they’re planned

How to achieve emotional commitment from your manager culture

In response, the Bury My Heart at Conference B process will show your managers exactly how to turn their jobs into a mechanism that ful#lls their deepest personal values. As soon as that happens, they’ll work harder to protect that mechanism by keeping their company successful. Your managers will be more successful and less likely to leave. Since they can’t meet their values without the support of their employees, this program shows a manager exactly how to turn their own values into something of urgent benefit for others. As a result, employees work harder to protect their manager.
Employees have plenty of emotional commitment they’re withholding, too.
Can the enterprise depend on manager commitment if it encourages their personal values as a priority? Absolutely: It’s what makes the commitment dependable. The company cannot always be the only cause. Managers’ deep ful#llment must also be a cause. This is not licensing chaos; it is ensuring control. There is no better way for the company to become the cause than by not always insisting on it.

1. Will create self-reinforced sustained emotional commitment in your management culture
2. Will increase manager’s discretionary e”ort needed to support brand strategies
3. Will increase employee commitment to the success of their own manager’s performance goals

How to gain fierce support from your employee culture

Which employees in any company could argue with the irrefutable logic of the need to attain and maintain market share, increase revenue and improve brand engagement? In a perfect world your employees would immediately grasp this logic and devote themselves wholeheartedly toward achieving it.
Wake up, wipe the drool from your desk and say “hi” to reality. In the real world, neither business logic, nor management authority, nor any compelling competitive urgency will ever convince an employee culture to adopt a corporate cause as if it were its own. In that killing field between company concept and employee commitment lays many a failed strategic
plan. Want your employee culture to buy a new management plan? You have to know how to sell it to them. This means selling to the employee culture—knowing how the culture works and how to work the culture. This isn’t a matter of logic; it’s a matter of logical methods for stirring deep response.
You had better be able to stir that deep response because who is going to decide the success of any strategic or performance goal? If you’re running the place, start by crossing yourself right off the list. Your employee culture has the vote. If the culture wants something to happen, it will. If the culture doesn’t want something to happen, it won’t. A successful strategy isn’t planned well; it’s implemented well. “Implemented well” starts with being able to enroll the employee culture in ferocious support of that strategy. At slap, we call this 1, 2…10!, named after the way company strategies are typically frontloaded on the planning side, with the implementation expected to happen because of the logic that calls for it or the bribery that  pays for it.


1, 2…10! is also the unique slap process that will show your managers exactly how an employee culture works and how to work it so that at whatever stage they receive a strategic or performance goal, they’ll be able to dependably cause their teams to protect it, course correct it as needed and promote it with their own good names to your constituencies, from customers to advertisers to affiliates. This process, which is in the form of an intense one-day session, will be customized to specifically address the transition to revenue-focused.
It will address every issue critical to cultural adoption, including change, communication, leadership, compensation, and trust and give managers wholly new insight and tools to cause cultural adoption.

How to achieve unity of purpose amongst your business units and teams

Dealing with Difficult People AKA Everyone Else will create the highest integrity in working
relationships between lines of business, teams and individuals. Accountability, unity and focus will be increased. Longstanding con!ict will be reduced or eliminated. As a result, unity and focus of purpose will be achieved. Argue with that, why dontcha?

1. Will cause unity and focus around strategic and performance goals
2. Will improve integrity in working relationships: accountability, respect and growth
3. Will reduce silo behavior in business functions and eliminate traditional rivalries

How to maintain brand status in a hyper-competitive market

Conceiving of a brandable customer experience is tough for even the smartest of management
teams. They’re painfully aware of #nancial and operational realities and mixed priorities and rarely approach the idea of creating the experience with the right attitude or proper creativity. The real triggers for customer reaction and loyalty are shrouded in mystery and may not be consciously realized by customers themselves.

Slap will fix this. It’s our job to show you how to generate the most innovative strategies and tactics possible and then show you how they can be made affordable and achievable. That’s why we’ll take your key people to Heaven, where anything and everything is possible and affordable.

Heaven is a 1.5-day session that generates restriction-free thinking based around our proprietary deconstruction of what makes a customer experience strong enough to be brandable. It’s a wild affair, even by our disturbingly high standards. The session isn’t all !oating around on !u”y clouds munching freshly peeled grapes, though. It features a unique planning process (Heaven on Earth) that transforms the creative into the pragmatic. Your people will then run each idea through a series of filters, including the resources – time, talent and dollars – required to implement and which ideas will generate the fastest revenue response.

Over 60% of the hundreds—and sometimes thousands—of seemingly impossible ideas generated in a typical Heaven session can actually be implemented without the use of any additional company resources. Why do you think we call it Heaven?
Post-session, slap will then take the total Heaven output, analyze it, recommend ideas best implemented as first and second stage, annotate it with our own comments about how to make priority ideas even more impactful and organize all of the output into a database that can be used and added to for many years.
In total, there are ten components of the slap brandable customer experience. Within the scope of the Heaven session we can address a number of them but not all. The slap company will use them all to analyze every aspect of the customer experience and provide our own detailed creative recommendations. We will then incorporate our original work into the Heaven database and restructure the first and second stage tactical implementation priorities.

1. Will give you new tools to extend brand engagement
2. Will cause an entirely new excitement and willingness in your team to promote a customer
experience that has clearly di”erentiated value
3. Will get your managers wicked smart about how to create customer loyalty in a competitive

How to gain rapid adoption and avoid cultural rejection of brand/marketing strategies

Guard the Gaps is a proprietary slap analysis that looks where your internal and external cultures are going to look. It identi#es all potential credibility gaps and details recommendations to prevent them, shut them down and keep them shut. Essentially, it paves the road that your brand promise rolls on.

1. Will accelerate adoption of brand and marketing strategies by your internal cultures
2. Will accelerate adoption of brand and marketing strategies by your customer culture
3. Will turbocharge ROI of marketing expenditures


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