Stephanie Breedlove

Thought Leader and Role Model for Female Entrepreneurs

  • Stephanie Breedlove`s Keynote Speaker Fee Fee range is for U.S. events, depending on location and organization type

    $10,001 - $20,000

  • Languages Spoken


  • Travels From

    Texas, USA

  • Stephanie Breedlove`s Keynote Speaker Fee Fee range is for U.S. events, depending on location and organization type

    $10,001 - $20,000

  • Languages Spoken


  • Travels From

    Texas, USA

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About Keynote Speaker Stephanie Breedlove

Stephanie Breedlove has been walking the walk of a successful entrepreneur for over twenty years. After launching a career in corporate America with Accenture, she found her true calling as co-founder and CEO of HomePay (previously Breedlove & Associates), the nation’s largest and most comprehensive household payroll and tax firm. Her startup grew to national leadership, was later acquired for $55 million, and plays a vital role in the quality and professionalism of the in-home care industry.

Stephanie’s deep experience combined with her rare ability to combine scale, profitability and quality has made her a sought after business expert, thought leader and speaker. Stephanie offers a life-time of example for entrepreneurs striving to successfully start and scale a business.

Stephanie and her firm have been recognized as:

  • Austin American Statesman Top Work Places
  • Austin Business Journal Best Places to Work
  • Greater Austin Business Awards – Executive Leadership
  • Greater Austin Business Awards – Superior Client Service

Stephanie’s expertise has been showcased in The Economist, Forbes, Working Mother, The New York Times, and more. She is author of All In: How Women Entrepreneurs Can Think Bigger, Build Sustainable Businesses, and Change the World, is an active angel investor through Central Texas Angel Network (the nation’s most active angel network), and is engaged with organizations that share her passion for strengthening entrepreneurship.



When given a chance to work with Stephanie run, don’t walk towards the opportunity.  I was first drawn by the story of her tremendously successful company, Breedlove & Associates.  She found a market need, developed a service founded on top notch service and delivered result after result for family after family… Read More

Sheila Lirio Marcelo Founder and CEO

Stephanie is that rare combination of true entrepreneur and leader.  She has the desire and tenacity to roll up her sleeves to build great products from scratch and then scale a team by inspiring them with her vision and leadership.  In the years I have known and worked with Stephanie, she has never backed down from a challenge.  Whether it be disrupting established yet inefficient industries, taking on entrenched competition, or pushing her team to find better ways to solve customer needs, Stephanie has led from the front in creating new opportunities to move our business forward.  And she has the unique ability to galvanize an entire organization to get behind her vision to tackle these challenges.  Stephanie leads by example—with the utmost integrity, attention to detail, and focus on the customer first.  These qualities make the organization better and ensure long-term profitability as Stephanie’s award-winning teams follow her lead, deliver incredible service and products, and ultimately gain the trust of consumers.

Michael Marty

Managed by Q, COO

“Stephanie Breedlove tells her compelling success story in a way that is accessible to every entrepreneur. While sharing practical advice from her personal experience, she inspires her audience to aim higher and achieve more.

Sophia Wade

Founder and Workforce Innovation Specialist, Flexel Network

Stephanie Breedlove effortlessly shares her entrepreneurial journey while peppering it with practical tips, interesting anecdotes, and inspirational stories. Her enthusiasm and spark make for an entertaining dialogue on growing a business.

Elissa Sangster

Forte Foundation, Executive Director


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