Keynote Speaker Tara Palmeri

Tara Palmeri

White House Correspondent For ABC News

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About Speaker Tara Palmeri…

Tara Palmeri is a White House Correspondent for ABC News where she has broken many exclusive stories on foreign policy.

She was first to report that the last living Nazi in the US was deported to Germany; that President Trump had approved the sale of anti-tank missiles to Ukraine; that an executive order was drafted to remove the US from NAFTA; and that Trump ordered a plan to remove all US diplomats from Turkey for the return of Pastor Brunson.

She has interviewed top newsmakers for ABC including Donald Trump Jr. and Vice President Pence.

Tara has had a keen focus on foreign policy since she moved to Brussels in 2015 to launch POLITICO Europe as one of its first correspondents. While covering the European Union, she was first to report on a memo to remove Greece from the eurozone and the capture of Paris terror attacks mastermind Abdelhamid Abaaoud. She moved to Washington to cover the Trump presidency for POLITICO.

Prior to joining ABC, Tara was a CNN analyst and a CNBC contributor while reporting for POLITICO. She started her career at the Washington Examiner as a columnist.

In 2010, she moved on to the New York Post where she covered NYC city politics. She graduated from American University summa cum laude.

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