Keynote Speaker Till Haunschild

Till Haunschild

Entrepreneur, Magician and Keynote Speaker

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    English, German
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About Speaker Till Haunschild…

Till is a master magician, having performed all over the globe at parties and palaces, amazing all he meets from celebrities to heads of state.

As second generation magician, he has been practicing the secret arts of magic almost from birth, honing his ability to weave together imagination, story telling and psychology to entertain, educate, and amuse.

Applying these skills to business enabled Till to become a successful entrepreneur.

He created his first company before the age of 20, funding it by winning more than 160.000€ from startup competitions, including the German Government’s “Digital Innovation” prize.

He went on to start seven more companies, many of these with successful exits, including the first music streaming service in Germany.

Till was able to achieve these accomplishments because he knows what it takes to imagine compelling products, innovate appropriate solutions, and then sell the value proposition to customers.

His secret: realizing how important the psychology and skills of magic are in our everyday lives and in business.

Now Till is teaching what he has learned to others, explaining how to imagine an impossible future and then to go out and make it real through product development and compelling marketing. He uses magic as a metaphor on stage to teach lessons that will transform your organization’s ability to innovate, to sell, and to delight your customers.

Combining breakthrough takeaways with unmatched showmanship and entertainment, it’s no wonder Till’s speeches are the most talked about at any event.

Testimonials 4

  • “Till is an inspiring speaker, entrepreneur and mentor!”

    Adam Cheyer

    Founder of Siri and ViV

  • “He truly can make you believe in the impossible.”

    Steven Puri

    VP 20th Century Fox (Die Hard, Wolverine)

  • “I would recommend Till for any occasion, especially with a business context. Totally worth it, loved every minute!”

    Raj De Datta

    CEO Bloomreach

  • “Till is one of the greatest artists of our time, and his medium happens to be magic. He’s incredibly original and mesmerizing to watch.”

    Ryan Pamplin

    VP Sales Meta

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