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Tom Morrison

Executive Life Coach, Speaker, and Author

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Tom Morrison is a 1990 graduate of Florida State University with a B.S. in Finance.  Tom has over 20+ years of experience in association management having served as CEO of three different organizations.   Since 2008, Tom has been the CEO of the Metal Treating Institute.  Tom has been instrumental in leveraging technology to drive growth in MTI’s member value proposition and engagement in every aspect of their association strategy.  Through Tom’s leadership and ability to embrace change, MTI’s net worth has grown over 1,500% since 2006.

As a student of marketplace disruption, Tom’s What’s Your Uber? keynote has become one of the leading keynotes on the “uberization economy” and its impact on any industry.

Tom is a nationally sought after professional speaker on the topics of marketplace disruption, maximizing member value/engagement and personal development.

In 2015, Tom became a Certified Life Coach and authored a new ground breaking book on personal development called How to Get People to Scream Your Name and Beg For More.  He is in the midst of writing his follow up book called, The DASH… Maximizing Your Experiences Between the Numbers.

Tom is active in the Florida Society of Association Executives, Council of Manufacturing Executives, and American Society of Association Executives.  In 2012, due to peer recognition of Tom’s professionalism, business innovation, and passion, he was named the FSAE Association Executive of the Year.

Tom’s passion is inspiring people, professionals and companies to maximize their success in seizing the opportunities that are coming their way.  Tom is married and has three married children in their 20’s.

Testimonials 3

  • “Your energy was absolutely infectious! Even having prepared by reading your inspirational book, I’m convinced that they “never knew what hit ’em!” The results were outstanding!”

    Barbara Higgins

    CEO of Plumbing Manufacturers International

  • “You are a terrific presenter.  It’s obvious you had the crowd’s attention from beginning to end.”

    Peggy Dzierzawski

    CEO of Michigan Society of Association Executives

  • “I can’t believe you pulled off three keynotes with so many practical ideas.  Our organization hasn’t had that kind of energy buzzing around in years.

    Joan Tezak

    CEO of Colorado Society of Association Executives

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The Association Strong Value Strategy Day

This 4 – 6 hour workshop is perfect for any board of directors, strategic planning task force or staff who are responsible for growing an association’s membership, non-dues revenue, and member value.  Everyone from CEO to staff will get a ton out of this session.  During the first half of the workshop, Tom Morrison teaches you the 10-keys to growing member value including:

  • The keys to recruiting members

  • The keys to engaging them in your programs

  • How to choose and build non-dues revenue programs

  • How to enhance innovation in your Board and then take action

  • The key metrics you need to be following to make change effective and timely

  • How to reach the younger generation

  • How we are on the edge of the largest and longest economic boom in our history

During the second half of your workshop, Tom facilitates an engaging set of 6-breakouts, where participants will interact to create new ideas, and form action steps to go back and make change in their organizations starting the very next week.  At the conclusion of this program, your association will have a member value visual with a full plan of creative solutions and actions steps to make positive change in their association to maximize member value and engagement over the next 24 months.


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