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Tyler Cohen Wood

Former Senior Officer & Cyber Branch Chief for the Defense Intelligence Agency

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Cybercrime is the fastest growing industry in the world today. We always imagine hackers as pimply-faced, geeky teens who are breaking into systems for the sport of it, but don’t be fooled. That assumption ignores the innovative brilliance and opportunistic focus of criminals that has driven a $200 billion dollar global “black” industry, one that is growing more than 50% each year. Our constantly growing dependence on information technologies has created an increasing drive to crack the critical cyber protections of individuals, companies, governments – even the armed forces! Make no mistake, the modern hacker is brilliant, organized, unethical, and applies his craft like a professional businessman. However, there is hope…even help. Tyler Cohen Wood is not only one of the leading cybercrime experts in the world, she also understands how to fight this effort, and to help keep your organization focused on your core strategies.

Hackers explore your company’s cyberspace looking for the “best spots,” and just the right bait to entice a nibble, and then hopefully a bite. Once they have their hooks in you, it’s feeding time! They expose your secrets, steal your money, and easily erase the hard-earned trust of your customers. A Ponemon Institute research study revealed that 47% of American adults were hacked in 2014. The plain fact is, you have either already been hacked or you will be hacked soon. You can’t stuff Bitcoins into your mattress, and you can’t fence off your intellectual property, so when large corporations, with enormous resources like Amazon, Home Depot, and J.P. Morgan get hacked, what chance do you have? Tyler Cohen Wood says, good…if you are prepared. Tyler has helped the Department of Defense, the White House, the Intelligence Community, Federal law enforcement, commercial industry and even NASA prepare for the inevitable – successfully, and she can certainly do the same for your organization. Learning from Wood’s almost prophetic grasp of the cybercriminal’s mind, she is able to teach her audiences how to not only keep to minimize these risks, but how to use many of the hackers’ practices to become more agile, more innovative, and to take advantage of opportunities.

What sets Tyler apart is her wide knowledge in areas of cyber technology, digital forensics, and her unique detective story-telling style, investigating and examining case studies of cybercrimes from top to bottom, such as the recent experiences of Sony, Target and Home Depot. Like hero of a cybercrime novel, Wood breaks down, chapter by chapter, a case’s story of how it happened – like getting into a company through its HVAC system – and why – what made your company the lowest hanging fruit – and exactly when – there are companies out there right now, unaware that they are currently being hacked. And like any decent crime novel…she always reveals how the case was solved. In this way, Tyler clearly outlines every factor of a case, from instigation, to investigation, to incarceration.

She brings to you her valuable experience, smart speaking style, and unmatched abilities that earned her an amazing reputation as the former Senior Intelligence Officer and Cyber Branch Chief at the Defense Intelligence Agency under the Department of Defense. She recently joined Inspired eLearning as a Cyber Security Advisor and Media Spokesperson. She has co-authored the textbook Alternate Data Storage Forensics and was also featured in Best Damn Cybercrime and Digital Forensics Book Period. Her latest book, Catching the Catfishers: Disarm the Online Pretenders, Predators, and Perpetrators Who Are Out to Ruin Your Life teaches the public how to safely and successfully navigate the online world, protect yourself, your children, your privacy, and learn how to be sure if someone is who they claim to be. Tyler Cohen Wood has been featured on CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN, FOX, WGN, the Huffington Post, and in the Wall Street Journal.

With Tyler Cohen Wood in your corner, educating you on emerging techniques, the latest understanding of the “Internet of Things”, and the mindset and trends of cybercriminals, audiences always leave Tyler’s presentations – not only with every bit and byte of information of how they can protect themselves in online world – but also with a unique understanding of the computer criminal’s mind, giving you the upper hand – ensuring that it is now you who is a step ahead of them.

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  • Tyler gave a great presentation! It was well-received by our attendees and her stage presence was dynamic. Prior to the presentation, she spent some time getting to know our organization and attendees so she could craft her presentation to complement our industry and type of attendees. It makes a big difference when a speaker puts a lot of time and effort into his/her presentation to make it unique and relevant to the audience rather than pulling one of the canned presentation. We are still getting great feedback from our attendees! Thank you, Tyler!

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