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Vince Poscente

NY Times Bestselling Author and Olympian

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Vince Poscente’s Key Accomplishments Include . . . 
Vince Poscente knows a little something about focus, commitment, and defying the odds. At age 26, he decided to take up speed skiing and pursue it competitively. Four years later, Vince Poscente was vying for gold in the Winter Olympics. 

Now an internationally sought-after speaker and consultant, Vince Poscente’s infectious energy, warmth, and humor, makes each keynote speech and consulting engagement as memorable as it is valuable.

Why Vince Poscente

  • Different than any other high energy opening/closing you’ve ever seen
  • Helps sales people and leaders define and reach BIG GOALS in less time
  • Tailors his messaging – great for User Group conferences and clients with high expectations.

Vince Poscente is the New York Times Bestselling Author of The Age of Speed and The Ant and the Elephant.

Combining lessons from his remarkable Olympic experience with leadership insights from his highly successful business career, Vince Poscente has developed a series of proven strategies for attaining and sustaining peak performance, on both an individual and corporate level. Audiences learn how to apply his time-tested techniques to ignite their vision, execute their strategies, and eclipse their competition.

Is our “pause button economy” eating us alive… or setting us free? Now is the time to use Vince Poscente’s against-all-odds Olympic strategy for audiences challenged, overwhelmed and even – scared. Vince Poscente’s invigorating perspective is timely and perfect for groups seeking good news.
Unraveling the notion that in today’s world we need to ‘hang-on,’ Vince Poscente illustrates how harnessing the speed of change becomes a competitive advantage. Through powerful examples and edge-of-your-seat stories, your audience will be energized and ready to tackle the tough challenges ahead of them.

Doing what the competition is not willing to do. This is the perfect time for you and your company to catch your competition flat-footed. Vince Poscente will help you accelerate into an extraordinary tomorrow that is just around the corner.

More About Vince Poscente . . . 
Vince Poscente has a Master’s Degree in Organizational Management and received the distinguished CSP, CPAE (Certified Speaking Professional, Council of Peers Award). He also has experience as a Managing Partner in a Media/Communications agency and as CEO of a business consulting firm.

Vince Posente’s programs detail proven strategies for achieving long-term peak performance and alignment. They provide companies with the tools and methods required for establishing a clear vision and mission, ultimately making each member of the organization feel empowered, integral, and invested in the success of the team, the company and themselves. With alignment comes peak performance. With peak performance comes extraordinary results.

As a busy husband and father of three, Vince Poscente also reserves plenty of time for his family; perhaps it is not surprising that a man who delivers much of his keynote atop a chair would value balance. And, though he may not be clocking in at under 16.5 seconds anymore, Vince Poscente still can be found on skis and in a pink suit from time to time.

Ready to change the way your company thinks and operates? Make Vince Poscente’s programs a part of your organizational culture.

Testimonials 3

  • “I also just want to tell you how much of a homerun Vince Poscente was at our sales kick off.  He was a superstar.  When I laid out the criteria for what I was looking for in the speaker you did not hesitate to recommend Vince and I can see why.  He was perfect for the message that we were trying to hammer home.  He went above and beyond and really research the company, understood what we were trying to achieve and got personally engaged with our story.  He was truly amazing!”

    Rashid M. Skaf

    President & CEO AMX

  • “We were incredibly impressed with the presentation you gave our mid and upper leadership people.  We found your information to be substantive, practical and entertaining all at once.  The leaders round table you delivered was excellent too.  You gave our people excellent steps to achieve better numbers.  

    To say your speech had impact is an understatement.  Our rate of new Members and Preferred Customers has increased month over month since you have worked with our field organization.  

    Most importantly, we have seen higher overall retention rate with our active Members since your coaching began.  

    As you know, we have put your book, The Ant and the Elephant in all our distributers’ hands.  With an initial order of 4,000 books, we are predicting a reorder within the next month or two.

    Thank you for the significant contribution you made to EvolvHealth.”

    Craig Smith

    Chief Marketing Officer, Evolv Health, LLC

  • “Vince will inspire, excite, motivate, challenge, and most of all engage the audience.  Our people will remember Vince for his style, and message!  He got our attention regarding innovation, ways to increase our business and inspired us to act.  

    Vince Poscente is someone who has a great ability to engage the audience and communicate very effectively.  Vince Poscente exceeded our already high expectations.  

    Overall, I must say his presentation was impactful and moviated our attendees to aim for the stars!”

    Jaynath Bhuvaraghan

    Chief Corporate Mission Officer, Essilor

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