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Keynote Speaker Willis Sparks

Willis Sparks

Director of Global Macro of Eurasia Group, U.S. Electoral Politics/Geopolitical Risk Management Expert

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An expert on geopolitical risk, Willis Sparks shares with audience the market-moving impact of politics in the world’s most dynamic developed and developing states, long-term geopolitical trends, including the rise of emerging market volatility and a country-by-country analysis of current internal political dynamics.

Willis Sparks is director of global macro at Eurasia Group, the world’s largest political risk consulting and advisory firm. He focuses on top global political risks as well as US politics and elections. He is a thought leader within the firm on issues, trends, opportunities, and risks created by political developments in major emerging market countries, US politics and foreign policy, and current geopolitical conflicts. Prior to joining Eurasia Group in 2005, Willis worked at the Council on Foreign Relations, where he wrote on transnational terrorism and US national security. Television appearances include BBC, CNBC, CBS Evening News, CNN, Bloomberg, FOX, Yahoo, BNN and other networks. He shares with audiences market-moving trends in international politics for investor and corporate audiences in the US and abroad.

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