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Top National and Cybersecurity Keynote Speakers

With technology playing an increasingly large role in the way we do business, and the way we go about our daily lives, it should be…

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Are Smart Devices Too Dumb to Protect Themselves (And Us) from Cyber Attacks?

Smart and AI technology are increasingly being woven into our daily lives, almost to the point of ubiquitousness, the way we think of securing our…

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Keren Elazari: How to Stay Safe from Online Spies

Keren Elazari is a former hacker turned cybersecurity expert. She is also a celebrated keynote speaker whose TED talk helped shape the conversation about hackers…

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An Exclusive Excerpt from Kevin Mitnick’s New Book “The Art of Invisibility”

Hackers. It takes one to know one. And there is no one like Kevin. Kevin Mitnick has been dubbed “The World’s Most Famous Hacker.” He…

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Cybersecurity Tips for Businesses and Individuals, from Experts Brett Williams and Adam Levin

Personal Cyber Security Tips Ransomware, stolen passwords, phishing, malicious website—the threats to individuals in cyberspace are increasing every day. While it is almost impossible to…

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5 Famous Cybersecurity Breaches: What Went Wrong and How to Avoid a Similar Fate

Let’s face it, it’s been a scary year in data security for many organizations and companies, not to mention their customers. From 2016 continuing into…

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