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Tan Le’s The NeuroGeneration Shows How We Can Augment Our Bodies

In the new book by Emotiv founder Tan Le, The NeuroGeneration, Le outlines just how science and business are augmenting our brain so we can…

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Want to Know How Your Brain Will Be Enhanced in the Future?

Ever want to increase the power of your brain? Then there’s good news. Whether you’re looking to make up lost ground due to injury or…

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These Keynote Speakers are Proving the Power of Positivity

The power of positivity is real. We feel it in our everyday lives when a coworker’s smile gets us through a rough meeting, or a…

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When Tech Turns Magic: Brainwear Capable of Sorting You Into Hogwarts Houses

If you’re a Harry Potter fan, get ready for your year to be made. If you’re not a Potter fan…you really should be. MIT Student…

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