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Billion Dollar Keynote Speakers and Their Multimillion Dollar Friends

There’s no better way to learn how to make a profit than from the advice of someone who has built a billion-dollar enterprise. Billionaire entrepreneurs…

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What the AI? Trends in Artificial Intelligence, and What’s to Come

Artificial Intelligence (AI): the term often brings to mind one of two distinct images of the future. The first, a world in which AI technologies…

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6 Ways to Cultivate Healthy Competition in the Workplace

Healthy competition among coworkers breeds excellence—here’s how to cultivate it in your workplace.…

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Forget Best Practices?

What would have happened if today’s best business leaders followed the best practices of their time? A whole lot of nothing.…

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BigBosses: Why Google CEO Page Should Friend Amazon’s Bezos

Why Google CEO Page Should Friend Amazon’s Bezos.   How companies that allow failure create a culture of success BigSpeak Entrepreneur, Best Selling Business Author …

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