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Hire People Who Disagree With You to Find Innovative Solutions

Your company needs these four personalities to create more creative solutions through constructive conflict. There are many ideas and misconceptions about how innovation happens. “One…

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Inc. 5000 Recognizes BigSpeak—A BIG Thank You to Our Partners

  Inc. 5000 Recognizes Growth of Local Santa Barbara Companies Santa Barbara, Ca., August 16, 2017–In their 35th annual List of America’s Fastest Growing Companies,…

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Never Begin an Email with “Dear John” Ever Again, Here’s Why

How many of these emails have you deleted this week? Maybe this one… Hi John, I hope all is well. Wanted to reach out to…

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7 Steps to Giving Creative Feedback From Pixar Story Veteran Matthew Luhn

When it comes to creativity, Pixar tops everyone’s list. Few can dispute their success with films like Toy Story, The Incredibles, and Up, which have…

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7 Simple Steps to a Successful TED Talk

Considering what a successful TED Talk can mean for your career, the process of preparing for one can be extremely nerve-wracking. But with the right…

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Fredrik Eklund: From Business School Dropout to Real Estate Mogul

If you had met Fredrik Eklund when he was 25, you would never have guessed that he would soon be the top real estate broker…

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9 Simple Ways to Lead By Example

An essential ingredient in any successful team is trust in leadership. Here are nine easy ways in which your own behavior can inspire your team…

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