The 99 Women Forbes Forgot

After reading Forbes‘ list of 100 Most Innovative People in Business and finding one woman—one out of 100, that’s right, ONE— we found ourselves thinking of all the women we work with every day who should’ve made the list 100 times over. 

We read a list on Linkedin of the other 99 women who should have made the list and we thought we’d make one too…since there’s plenty of innovative women to go around. In addition to Linkedin’s 99 Innovative Women in Business, we present 99 More Innovative Women in Business. 

  1. Tan Le- Creator and Founder of EMOTIV, a non-intrusive headset allowing control of objects with the mind
  2. Barb Stegemann- Creating clean beauty products that support the rebuilding of war-torn countries
  3. Robyn Benincasa- Uplifts women (and sometimes men) who have had medical or traumatic setbacks by completing adventure expeditions with Project Athena
  4. Nancy Giordano- Futurist, predicting technology trends that will change businesses
  5. Jane Chen- Created portable, incubator sleeping bags, saving infant lives in developing countries
  6. Jade Simmons- Created a new genre of music through the process of self-acceptance 
  7. Nancy Frates- Brought light to ASL through viral Ice Bucket Challenge 
  8. Carmen Simon- Uses cognitive neuroscience to help companies market better
  9. Julie Zhuo- Bestselling author of Making a Manager, guiding you to the next step in your career
  10. Lizzo- Flipping all societal norms on their head and promoting empowerment for all women
  11. Megan Rapinoe- Started the equal pay movement for women’s soccer
  12. Oprah Winfrey- This year alone she planned and prepared for her 2020 Wellness Tour
  13. Sheena Allen- Helping people without bank accounts enter financial system and go cashless through her company CapWay
  14. Jameela Jamil- Promoting radical self-love and acceptance 
  15. Sophia Amoruso- Giving women an online community in business and redefining success
  16. Patty McCord- Made company culture a thing
  17. Sheila Heen- Promoting open communication in business and guiding candid conversations
  18. Natalie Nixon- Uses the art of jazz music to help companies organize better
  19. Lisa Bodell- Teaching us how to simplify in business to be more efficient 
  20. Brene Brown- Redefining the characteristics we should value and promote
  21. Vernice Flygirl Amour- First female, black, and openly gay fighter pilot 
  22. Sheryl Sandberg- Author of Lean In, working to uplift women in the workplace
  23. Steph Speirs- Making solar energy affordable for everyone with her company Solstice
  24. Nicky Goulimis- Allowing you to live abroad without shredding your credit 
  25. Jackie Huba- Using drag as a tool for being a bolder you
  26. Janelle Shane- Artificial Intelligence expert, promoting business implementations to innovate
  27. Mel Robbins- Breaks down efficient habits to help you grow
  28. Rachel Hollis- Bestselling author of Girl Wash Your Face, empowering women to live their own lives
  29. Erica Orange – Female futurist, predicting industry trends 
  30. Kimberly Bryant- Founder of Black Girls Code, empowering women of color in tech
  31. Kim Scott- Popularized radical candor, shifting the way we give and receive feedback in the workplace 
  32. Risha Grant- promoting diversity in business and explaining inclusivity in terms everyone can grasp
  33. Polly LaBarre- Founding Member of Fast Company Magazine, inspiring reactive marketing 
  34. Celeste Headlee- Bring back the much needed art of conversation to company culture
  35. Sallie Krawcheck- Founder of Ellevest, creating woman-focused investing 
  36. Greta Thunberg- Environmental climate change activist doing more than any of us
  37. Cynthia Johnson- Shifting the idea of marketing through a focus on personal branding
  38. Alice Zhang- Founder of Verge Genomics, finding drugs for complex diseases
  39. Rebecca Kanter- Changing standardized tests to measure intelligence differently 
  40. Alyssa Ravasio- Founder of Hipcamp, reinventing camping 
  41. Zim Ugochukwu- Making travel more diverse and inclusive 
  42. Lilly Singh- Dominating YouTube and changing the way people consume media
  43. Alisyn Maylek- Bringing more self-driving cars to the streets
  44. Afton Vechery- Giving women the truth about their bodies by co-founding Modern Fertility
  45. Carly Leahy- Giving women the truth about their bodies by co-founding Modern Fertility
  46. Bethenny Frankel- Extending her lifestyle brand to every branch of business
  47. Prerna Gupta- Adjusting reading to the modern era and attention span
  48. Jessica Matthews- Giving energy to developing worlds through soccer
  49. Sabrina Mutukisna- Providing job opportunities for formerly incarcerated youths and fostered children
  50. Molly Bloom- Infiltrated men’s club to create most sought-after poker game, lost all, then rebuilt
  51. Chelsea Handler- Setting an example by assessing her own white privilege
  52. Amal Clooney- International Lawyer and Human Rights activist 
  53. Arianna Huffington- leading truthful media in a time of fake-news
  54. Janet Mock- Using her voice in the media to support transgender activism 
  55. Chrissy Teegan- Using social media branding to launch businesses and speak truths
  56. Tiffani Bova- Harnesses and shares the hypergrowth lessons of Salesforce 
  57. Anna Boden- Director of Captain Marvel, the first female superhero movie
  58. Gabriella Rodriguez- Producer of Roma, bringing hispanic-centric film to the forefront
  59. Mo’Nique- first black, female comedian to have a Las Vegas residency  
  60. Mindy Kaling- Leading the way for Indian-Americans in television and media 
  61. Rachel Cargle- providing the public with intellectual tools to explore race and gender
  62. Amy Cuddy- hacking the psychology of power through power posing 
  63. Shonda Rhimes- Creative mind behind hit TV shows that put diversity in television
  64. Tarana Burke- Founder of the Me Too movement, creating a wave of social justice 
  65. Tracee Ellis Ross- Diversifying television, hair care, and the media 
  66. Whitney Wolfe Herd- Founder of Bumble, putting dating power into the hands of women
  67. Rihanna- First woman to create a fashion house with LVMH, Fenty
  68. Serena Williams- Uses her tennis winnings to fund female CEOs
  69. Lisa Gelobter- Created software to report workplace bias
  70. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez- Bringing next generation social media to politics 
  71. Amy Nelson- Created The Riveter, an inclusive co-working space
  72. Leanne Pittsford- Founded Lesbians Who Tech, a community on a mission to diversify tech
  73. Lisa Dyson- Creator of Kiverdi, edible protein made from thin air
  74. Eileen Fisher- Shrank the carbon footprint of a $500 million brand
  75. Maxeme Tuchman- Founded Caribu, allowing you to read to your kids online for when you can’t be there
  76. Ishveen Anand- Created OpenSponsorship, revolutionizing sports marketing
  77. Nia Batts- Founded Detroit Blows, a salon that doesn’t upcharge women of color for having textured hair
  78. Catherine Mahugu- Founded Soko, putting African artists in mainstream media
  79. Melanie Stricklan- Created software to better analyze and predict natural disasters
  80. Andrea Thomaz- Building technology freeing nurses to focus on patient care
  81. Najla Austin- Founder of Ethles’ Club, an intimate club custom made for people of color
  82. Christine Moseley- Created Full Harvest, an online place to buy edible but unwanted produce
  83. Eileen Gordon- Founded Barnraiser, an online platform empowering small-batch, artisanal food makers to access a marketplace and consumer base
  84. Melanie Elturk- Making hijabs a fashion piece to love with Haute Hijab
  85. Melissa Hanna- Revolutionizing maternal care with Mahmee
  86. Ju Rhyu- Bringing Korean-inspired beauty and self-care to the world
  87. Nicole Carter- Bringing diversity to stock-photos
  88. Julia Hartz- Took her tech company, Eventbrite, public 
  89. Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins- Helping non-violent offenders keep track of court dates
  90. Abby Wambach- Gender equality and gay rights activist, spreading her message on stages across the country
  91. Carey Lohrenz- First female F-14 Tomcat Pilot in the U.S. Navy, speaking on her experiences
  92. Talia Frenkel- Used a buy-one-give-one model to provide period products for women in need
  93. Reema Zaman- Gender equality activist and immigrant empowerment speaker 
  94. Shan-Lyn Ma- Created Zola, the largest wedding planning site 
  95. Juliette Kayyem- Making ridesharing safer through monitoring inside the car
  96. Kim Perell- Outlines how anyone can execute on their biggest goals
  97. Holly Whitaker- Bringing inclusivity to addiction treatment
  98. Sevetri Wilson- Sharing online-consulting with nonprofits across the country
  99. Nadia Boujarwah- Created Dia&Co, a fashion brand that supports plus-sized women 

Jessica Welch is the Content Marketing Associate at BigSpeak Speakers Bureau, holding a Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature and Anthropology from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. Her business thought articles often appear on Business 2 Community, Born 2 Invest, and YF Entrepreneurs.