The Ritz-Carlton Business Speakers

The Ritz-Carlton is an emblem of luxury and superior customer service. The company has maintained its elite status as one of the world’s most dependable and glamorous hotels throughout the years. BigSpeak’s keynote speakers have had a hand in shaping the Ritz-Carlton into an exemplary leader of the hospitality industry. Whether BigSpeak’s speakers have led the company to success in their executive role or their excellence has been requested on a consultative level, these keynote speakers have helped elevate The Ritz-Carlton. Book a Ritz-Carlton keynote speaker to learn how to create a brand synonymous with excellence.

Jeff Henderson

Inspiring Celebrity Chef, Former star of The Food Network’s Chef Jeff Project & New York Times Best-Selling Author of Cooked

Bruce Himelstein

Brand Marketing Expert, and former Executive Ritz-Carlton, Loews, and Marriott Hotels

Joseph Michelli

Top Customer Service Speaker, Organizational Consultant, Bestselling Author, and Top 10 Thought Leader


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