Top 25 Most Watched BigSpeak Videos in July 2018

Which keynote speakers are taking the internet by storm with their viral videos? What keynote topics are people most curious about? We went to our BigSpeak YouTube channel to find out.

Dr. Peter Attia, with his talk on longevity, holds the top spot on our list (and probably will if we all live longer). But our big movers this July are BigSpeak’s exclusive keynote speakers Molly Bloom and Mitch Lowe, jumping a combined 5 spots on this month’s list. Molly is motivating audiences everywhere with her thrilling life lessons from her memoir Molly’s Game and Mitch is not only disrupting the movie industry with MoviePass, he is also instilling the disruption mindset into his audiences.

Read the complete list to find out what ideas are moving the world today.

Top 25 Most-Watched BigSpeak Videos on YouTube in July 2018

  1. Peter Attia – Reverse engineered approach to human longevity
  2. Linda K Thaler – Grit and Resilience
  3. Bob Arno – Comedy Pickpocket show world’s best pickpocket
  4. Kevin O’Leary – Keynote at Notre Dame
  5. Molly Bloom – Summit 2018
  6. Marcus Lemonis – Business Advice from The Profit
  7. Marcus Lemonis – How to Move Your Business Forward
  8. Dave Dravecky – Two Comebacks
  9. Christopher Gardner – Motivational Speaker, Inspiration for the Movie “The Pursuit of Happynesss”
  10. Robert Herjavec – How Rich People Think 5+Things They Won’t Tell You
  11. Derek Sivers – How to start a movement
  12. James Lloyd – Motivational Humorist, Customer Service and Corporate Training Expert, Keynote Speaker
  13. Lisa Nichols – Motivational Speaker, Life Coach, Teacher and Best-Selling Author
  14. Erik Qualman – Socialnomics 2018
  15. Linda Cliatt Wayman – How to fix a broken school Lead fearlessly, love hard
  16. Mitch Lowe – The Culture of Disruption
  17. Molly Bloom – GeniusX
  18. Molly Bloom – International Women’s Day
  19. Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev – Renowned Yogi, Visionary & Guru, Isha Foundation Founder, Keynote Speaker
  20. Simon T  Bailey – The Experience
  21. Bob Nelson- Employee Motivation, Reward, Retention and Recognition Expert, Keynote Speaker
  22. Matt Abrahams – Workshop Compelling and Confident Communication 1
  23. Mitch Lowe – MoviePass CEO Looks to Blockchain for Business Boom
  24. Peter Zeihan – WM Executive Sustainability Forum
  25. Sebastian Terry – The List

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