Most Booked Speakers, Topics & Venues of 2016: Inspiration for Planning Your 2017 Event

Is your New Year’s resolution to procrastinate less and be more proactive? Then we can help you check one New Year’s resolution off your list early! Start planning your 2017 keynote event now. To help inspire the planning process, we’ve detailed the most frequently booked speakers, topics and venues of 2016.

Top Booked Speakers

Our roster of speakers is expansive. Here are the speakers who were booked the most in 2016.

Fredrik Eklund: Number one broker in the nation, star of Bravo’s “Million Dollar Listing”, author, sales and negotiation expert

Tan Le: Entrepreneur, CEO and Founder of bio-informatics company Emotiv, technology and innovation expert


Jeff Degraff: Business Professor at the University of Michigan, two-time author, founder of the innovation institute the Innovatrium and “The Dean of Innovation”


Scott Harrison: Founder and CEO of charity:water; World Economic Forum Young Global Leader, philanthropy and corporate social responsibility (CRS) expert


Marc Randolph: Netflix co-founder and former CEO, Silicon Valley veteran entrepreneur, angel investor and executive mentor


Matthew Luhn: Disney Pixar story veteran, story consultant, creativity, innovation and storyselling expert


Peter Zeihan: Geopolitical strategist, consultant, and author specializing in global energy, demographics, economics, emerging markets and security


Ben Casnocha: Tech entrepreneur, co-author of two bestselling books with LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman, and human resources and Millennial expert


Top Booked Topics

2016 met with many changes and new challenges, and the list of our most booked topics reflects that.

Leadership: Move into 2017 with the skills to lead your team to success. BigSpeak’s leadership speakers address topics like team building, motivation, innovation and peak performance, from entry level to C-level.

Motivational: Motivational speakers are cultural NOS that helps accelerate the performance engine of a company. Research shows that with a boost in employee engagement and morale, company profits soon follow.

Innovation: As competition in all industries intensifies, it is more important than ever to focus on innovation and creativity to differentiate yourself from the competition.   

Technology:. Many of our technology speakers are renowned entrepreneurs, researchers, strategists and forecasters with their eyes on the latest innovations in cloud computing, social media, communication platforms, IT, knowledge networks, medical technology and beyond. Bring a technology keynote speaker to your event to learn about the latest breakthroughs, and see how technology will revolutionize your organization.

Futurists: Whether it’s the future of work, geopolitics or technology, futurist speakers are experts who use scientific data, research and experience to make predictions to help your company prepare for the future. With technology and the business climate changing at an increasing rate, businesses that are not prepared for the future will not live long to see it.

Top Booked Venues

After the speaker, choosing the venue is the most important aspect of planning a keynote event. Here are the top five cities that held the majority of our events in 2016:

  1. Las Vegas
  2. New York City
  3. Orlando
  4. Chicago
  5. Phoenix and San Francisco (tied)

With all of this information swirling around in your head, stirring up all kinds of inspiration, call BigSpeak Speakers Bureau at 805-398-0619 to plan your keynote event before our top speakers fill up their calendars in 2017!

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