Using Digital Media to Extend the Impact of Conference Speakers

With the advent of digital media, we have become hyper-social people. We love to share—from selfies to status updates to fun events we’re attending. So it makes sense that digital media should have a place during conferences and corporate events to extend the impact of speakers and conference themes.

Sharing Keeps People Caring

A great way to keep participants interested and thinking about great conference speakers and events is to share event photos and videos on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Inviting participants to tag and share photos of themselves will keep the buzz of the event going long after it’s over.

Plus, connecting conference speakers to your audience via social media is a great way to extend the speaker’s impact. Take the “King of Facebook,” George Takei who has drawn 5.5 million Facebook followers through his witty and heartfelt posts.

Highlight Reminders

Had a surprise speaker at your event? Or a hands-on demonstration? Maybe a fun raffle? Don’t let people forget about those exciting event moments! Post event highlights to invite participants to remember and reflect on how successful, fun and innovative the event was. It will help to produce long-lasting impacts that your participants can feel connected with.

Keep It Interactive

Typically, the more involved we are in something, the more we care. So keep people involved post-conference with digital media resources. Hold a fun contest that asks participants to share their favorite photo or part of the conference through social media. Or consider encouraging people to post and share during the conference, using customized hashtags—it will keep people invested, add a fun tone and spread awareness about your great event! It’s something that social media experts, like Erik Qualman, author of Socialnomics, have been helping businesses understand to boost brand awareness. Staying connected via digital media is a great way to keep conference speakers and themes relevant and top-of-mind for participants.

Lock in the Learning

Many conference speakers offer digital files of their presentations or slide decks for attendees – some even offer follow-up assessments, or online learning tools to continue the learning and ensure that any ideas mentioned during the event are executed.  Additionally, costs can be cut with follow-on coaching and training by working with a speaker remotely using online meeting software.

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