Why Some Innovators get Ahead While Others get Ignored

“Being backable isn’t just for celebrities and CEOs. It’s a required skill for anyone who is trying to make it in the world. This book will change the trajectory of careers, launch new ideas into the world, and inspire cocktail party conversation for years to come.” – Jennifer Aaker, General Atlantic Professor, Stanford GSB. Author of Humor, Seriously and The Dragonfly Effect

You could have the best idea in the world, but you still might be ignored. It isn’t just about coming up with a winning concept, but inspiring people around you to believe in it. Backable people are able to turn a new idea into an inspiring vision that captivates attention and moves people to action.

In his bestselling book, Backable: The Surprising Truth Behind what Makes People Take a Chance on You, Suneel combines fresh neuroscience with uplifting stories to offer 7 surprising and immediately usable techniques. You learn how to convince first before trying to convince others, how to discover an “earned secret,” how to “flip outsiders into insiders” and even how to let go of your ego.

Great leaders invest in making themselves and the people around them backable. As a result, sales teams close more deals and drive needed revenue. Relationship managers deepen customer loyalty and win trust from key customers. IT and product teams save time and energy, getting the best tech projects “backed” in order to drive productivity. HR teams become a lightning rod for attracting and retaining the best talent. 

Not only can people become backable, organizations can too. As your teams apply these principles in the market, your organization will become more effective at winning customers, recruiting rockstars, delighting investors, and capturing the hearts of the media.

Suneel wasn’t always the sought after backable expert and entrepreneur keynote speaker he is today. After crashing and burning in his first attempt at becoming an entrepreneur, Suneel was featured in the New York Times in a full-length story on failure with a picture of his face at the top. Instead of crawling in a hole and succumbing to defeat, Suneel used the article as an opportunity to connect with people who were doing better than him and learn how he could improve.  

“I began emailing highly successful people using the ‘Times’ article to break the ice. I’d write things like, ‘As you can see from the article below, I don’t know what I’m doing. Would you be willing to grab coffee and give me some advice?’” 

Everything Suneel learned while researching successful leaders went straight into his book, Backable: The Surprising Truth Behind what Makes People Take a Chance on You and it quickly became a bestseller. 

Now, Suneel is the opposite of a failure— he teaches innovation at Harvard University, is the founder of RISE, a sought after keynote speaker, and has been named “The New Face of Innovation” by the New York Stock Exchange. Suneel’s ideas have been backed by firms like Greylock and Google Ventures, and he served as an Entrepreneur in Residence inside Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. He has personally backed startups including Impossible Foods, AirBnB, 23&Me, Calm, and SpaceX.

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