Adam Christing

Adam Christing

Top Booked Emcee, After-Dinner Speaker, Interactive Entertainer, Comedian, and Magician

Jan 1, 2019

Adam Christing

Adam Christing is a top-5 after-dinner speaker, interactive entertainer, comedian, and magician. He became a member of the world-famous Magic Castle in Hollywood at the age of 17 and since then has been featured on more than 100 radio and TV shows. Success magazine highlighted him as “one of the most successful young entrepreneurs in America.” He is also the author of several comedy books: Comedy Comes Clean 1 & 2 and Your Life is a Joke: 12 Ways to Go from Ha Ha to Aha!

It’s about saying yes and about connecting with people and what makes life so rich is relationships. I want to have a relationship with audience members or team members on the platform when I can.

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How many years have you been doing this?

It’s more like how many years have I not been doing it, Mark.  I’ve been doing it for a long time,  about 30 years. I was about 17-years-old when I auditioned for that famous club you know about called The Magic Castle in Hollywood. And when I auditioned, my hands were so nervous, shaking so much, I couldn’t even put the card in the secret slot, you know, to do the card trick. And Diana Zimmerman who was sort of the den mother of the junior society of The Magic Castle, she said, “You’re magic’s not that good, but you’re funny. We’re going to let you in.” And that changed my life because at that young age in high school I started doing comedy and magic and only had a couple of “real jobs” in my life.


Where do you go on the inspiration? Where did that come from? And what kind of main themes do you attack?

I think there’s great inspiration to be found in the entrepreneurial world, in the marketing. Like, some of my favorite gurus are not necessarily religious or spiritual gurus, they’re people like Jay Abraham, the marketing wizard, and I did an event with him one time and had some fun impersonating him. Jay will use six amazingly long words when sometimes one word will do, and so I poked some fun, but I got his permission before I did that and people loved it. But Jay had a great comment and he said, “People are silently begging to be led.” And so I think we’re all looking for a shepherd, a leader, almost like a kind parental figure. And so although I am a very nice person, I can be very strong on the platform and also before the event telling the meeting coordinator here’s my experience, here’s what I recommend, and I’ll be pretty strong because I probably have more experience than they do.

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