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Chris Barton

Entrepreneur Speaker, Shazam Founder, Former Mobile Strategist for Google and Dropbox

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About Keynote Speaker Chris Barton… 

Chris Barton is an entrepreneur speaker, co-founder and former Board Director of Shazam, and expert in mobile applications. At Shazam, he helped guide the music discovery company from idea to profit as co-founder and Board Director. He has also worked eight years at Google focused on mobile and at Dropbox as head of mobile operators development. Now, he follows his dream of advising passionate entrepreneurs who want to make the world a better place, by speaking on entrepreneurship and advising a handful of startups. In addition, he is embarking on his next startup venture.

Barton co-founded Shazam in 1999 with the original idea to identify songs with a mobile phone. Before smartphones, people would call a number, put their phone up to the radio and receive a text identifying the song.

When the company launched in 2002, Shazam had 2 million songs in its database and took 15 seconds to process a user’s request. Today Shazam’s app has been downloaded by over 1 billion people globally. Now the app takes only a few seconds to identify songs from its database of over 30 million songs.

Shazam’s journey was one of faith and endurance for Barton and his co-founders. The company survived the dot.com bust but the company struggled for many years. Barton left in 2004 to join Google and later Dropbox but continued to serve on the Board throughout. Only in 2008 did Shazam begin its “hockey stick” growth curve once iPhone and Android app stores were introduced to the world.

Today, Shazam is among the most popular apps on both iPhone and Android with over 120 million monthly active users. Shazam’s highly advanced technology and superior customer ratings helped convince Apple to purchase the company for a reported $400 million in December 2017.

Barton holds a BA and an MBA from UC Berkeley, a Master’s degree in Finance from Cambridge University.

Testimonials 4

  • “Chris’s keynote completely captivated our audience of 1700+ SAP customers, partners, and employees. His talk was truly entertaining and inspiring. Our audience’s perception of entrepreneurial innovation was completely transformed.”

    Michael Locher-Tjoa

    Managing Director - SAP Switzerland

  • “Chris is a charismatic speaker who shared his inspiring story of how a seemingly impossible dream with unsurmountable obstacles eventually came to life. In a very personal and honest tone, Chris shared the many lessons learned from the challenges of creating Shazam – from the power of persuasion and convincing people to believe in their project to building credibility and sharing their passion. The overall message was very inspiring and uplifting and our audience at our UNLEASH show loved having him as a speaker!”

    Marc Coleman

    Founder & CEO, UNLEASH Group

  • “Chris was an inspiring and sincere keynote speaker. His talk was very engaging … the audience was fascinated by his personal insights on entrepreneurship and business strategy. Very on point, with a convincing message!”

    Thomas Mosch

    Head of CEBIT d!talk

  • “Chris was an incredibly engaging speaker who brought the audience to the time and place of his entrepreneurial journey with Shazam. I was not only inspired by his accomplishments, but also impressed with his humility. We invited him back the following year knowing that he would motivate the next round of MBAs to innovate like he does.”

    Rachel Adams

    Co-Chair of UC Berkeley MBA Orientation

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