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Future of Healthcare

As our technology advances, so does the way we care for the human mind and body. Trends in immunology, gene therapy, personalized medicine, big data, artificial intelligence, and digital devices are changing the way we monitor and maintain our health. Meanwhile, changes in demographics are bringing about new challenges for doctors and other health professionals in terms of employment and resource demands. Whether you’re interested in the political, financial, or technological future of healthcare, BigSpeak speakers bureau has Future of Healthcare keynote speakers from politics, medicine, and science who can prepare you for the changes to come. If you are interested in how the future of healthcare can affect you or your business, contact BigSpeak speakers bureau today to book a top Future of Healthcare keynote speaker for your next conference or event.

“We need to move towards an era of disease prevention and personalized medicine.”
― Emmanuel Fombu, author of The Future of Healthcare

Daniel Kraft, MD

Daniel Kraft, MD

Faculty Chair for Medicine & Neuroscience, Singularity University and Founder and Chair Exponential Medicine

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