High-Tech Humor

In our daily lives, high tech, hardware, software, and code cause sometimes cause much more aggravation than inspiration. However, fans of the IT Crowd and Silicon Valley know that humor exists in the spaces between ones and zeros, spaces and tabs, and unexpected reboots. At BigSpeak speakers bureau, our High-Tech Humor keynote speakers are not only tech experts but humor experts. Contact BigSpeak today to book one our High-Tech Humor speakers for your next keynote or event.

“Each time I shut my computer down, I throw my head back in maniacal laughter and scream ‘Fool! I was only using you!’” — Bridger Winegar

Avinash Kaushik

Web Analytics Master and “Digital Marketing Evangelist” for Google

Scott Adams

Author, Humorist and Creator of the comic strip Dilbert

Herbert (Hugh) Thompson

Leading Cyrptology and Internet Security Expert, CTO and SVP at Blue Coat

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