Cloud Computing Keynote Speakers

If your future looks cloudy, don’t despair – your organization may be on the cusp of the latest technological innovation to change the (virtual) business landscape Cloud Computing. Our Cloud Computing speakers and futurists are available to help. A general term for anything that involves delivering hosted services over the Internet, Cloud Computing has now gained accelerated interest due to significant innovations in virtualization and improved access to highspeed Internet. BigSpeak’s Cloud Computing Keynote Speakers are experts at identifying and clarifying the business transformations possible through Cloud Computing, IT Transformation, Future Trends of Technology and changing the way organizations work and do business, and helping enterprise leaders understand how the adoption of cloud applications and platforms will enable them meet the challenges of today’s globally connected world. Will your organization be ready to meet the challenges of the Cloud Computing Era? To help your company get its head in the Cloud, contact a BigSpeak consultant for details on our Cloud Computing Keynote Speakers, programs and resources.

“There is no trend that is more comprehensive today, and will drive the future of business, than cloud computing. The bottom line is that cloud computing will drive a new type of enterprise innovation agility not seen before.”
Dr. James Canton

Daniel Burrus

World Renowned Technology Futurist and Innovation Expert and Author of the New York Times Bestseller Flash Foresight and Technotrends

Diane Greene

Head of Google’s Enterprise Cloud Business and the Former Founder and CEO of VMware

Tony Fadell

One of the Creators of the iPod, iPhone, and Founder and Former CEO of Nest, the company that brought the ‘Internet of things’ to the mainstream

Michael Nelson

Former IBM Director of Internet Technology and White House IT Advisor, Cloud Computing Expert, Georgetown Technology Professor

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