Laid Back Lawn Chair Discussions with Geniuses

BigSpeak Exclusive Speaker Ken Schmidt’s new podcast, Tailgating with Geniuses (TWG), consists of casual lawn chair conversations with brilliant people, minus corporate BS.

Hosted by three geniuses in their own right: Ken Schmidt, Martin Falherty of Pencilbox Inc., and Lekan Bashua of Convene, will help you tackle the issues you’re confronted with every day in your work-life and the stuff that’s blocking you from succeeding. Then, they’ll unfold the lawn chairs and teach you how supremely accomplished people have overcome them.

This is not your typical tailgate— a trio of formerly over-worked globetrotters, grounded by a global pandemic and sorely in need of entertainment, tapped into their network of A-list friends and business contacts and built a podcast series to help people improve their business competitiveness and personal success.

“We figured pretty much everyone who works for a living would enjoy hearing lawn chair ‘here’s how we do it’ stories from CEOs and CMO’s of some of the world’s most beloved brands (like Coca-Cola, Uber, Nike, Gatorade, Harley-Davidson) academy award-winning filmmakers, sports superstars-turned-entrepreneurs, epic adventurers, military heroes and other world-changers as much as we do. Our mission: Learn from the best while having fun (and most likely embarrassing ourselves),” says Ken.

TWG discussions will be hosted and recorded on Clubhouse so attendees can join in the conversation and ask questions. Afterwards, each recording will be edited and available wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts. Tune in to TWG’s recent episode featuring BigSpeak Exclusive Speaker, Mitch Lowe! Listen as Ken, Martin and Lekan talk with Mitch about all things movies, disruption and innovation.