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Keynote Speaker John C. Goodman

John C. Goodman

President of the Goodman Institute for Public Policy Research

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    Texas, USA

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Dr. Goodman’s book, Patient Power, revolutionized the field of health policy, shaping and molding almost all right-of-center thinking on the subject. His book Priceless—praised by scholars across the intellectual spectrum—is revolutionizing the field of health economics. The Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal call him the “Father of Health Savings Accounts.” Modern Healthcare identifies him as one of four people who has most influenced the modern health care system. Writing regularly for such publications as The Wall Street JournalInvestor’s Business DailyNational Review and Health Affairs, Goodman also appears frequently on Fox News and other television news programs.

His work and ideas have been used by such politicians as Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan; in the news media, by Steve Forbes and the editorial writers at The Wall Street Journal; and by conservative and libertarian think tanks generally. He is currently working with member of Congress, in the House and the Senate, on a replacement for ObamaCare.  Dr. Goodman writes a guest column two or three times week at Forbes and a weekend column for Town Hall.

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  • Dr. Goodman provided some very insightful thoughts on the effects of the Affordable Care Act at the Iowa Healthcare Symposium in Des Moines, IA. The way John presented the information finally allowed attendees to understand how the ACA was impacting their business and everyday lives. The audience was impressed with Dr. Goodman’s knowledge and presentation.

    Iowa Association of Health Underwriters

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