Give Your Virtual Team the Inspiration Boost It Needs

One of the biggest challenges as we round the third month of COVID-19’s social distancing is feeling inspired to keep going. No matter what industry you’re in, your day-to-day work life has been significantly changed, and for some of us it’s not what we expected or wanted. If your team is struggling to see the light at the end of the tunnel or is feeling like the changes are too much to overcome, it’s time to bring in the big guns. 

Full-time Firefighter, Adventure Racing World Champion, and CNN Hero Robyn Benincasa will give your team the boost in morale it so desperately needs.As a virtual keynote speaker, she will speak to your company about overcoming great challenges with her Adventure Racing team and firefighting team to work together on a more productive scale. She will inspire your team to keep moving toward the finish line and be even better prepared to win on the other side. 

You can choose to see any of these virtual keynote topics: 


  • Building World Class Teams: The 8 Essential Elements of Extreme Performance
  • Why Winners Win
  • Inspiring Greatness Through G.R.I.T: Born with grit? You can also BUILD and BORROW grit from one another! 
  • Playing to Win: Why Champions LOVE and LEAD Change


On top of her incredible virtual keynote stories that push teamwork to its absolute limits, she is now hosting Inspiration Sessions and Q&A’s. Let your team pick the brain of an extreme athlete from a world champion team to find the motivation and mantras they’ll need to power through social-distancing.

Don’t have the time or attention-span to sit in front of a computer for an entire keynote speech? We get it. Although you still feel inspired by the message, listening through a computer doesn’t create quite the same energy as feeling the keynote’s motivation vibrate through a room. 

For teams with lots to do, who can’t afford to watch a full-length keynote, Robyn has broken her top virtual keynote, Building World Class Teams, into 8 lessons you can share piece by piece with your team. This also gives you the opportunity to savor her inspiration for days when things feel really tough. 

Now more than ever, we all need a little inspiration. So give your team some Zoom inspiration with Robyn Benincasa’s virtual keynote brought to you by social-distancing.