Virtual Events

Virtual Events

BigSpeak Speakers Bureau is working with clients (and everyone out there, even if not a client) to support solutions on virtual events, virtual keynote speakers and webinar workshops.

If your event has been postponed or canceled and you need to find solutions for your business speaker or virtual keynote speaker, our team is here to help. We have been assisting with planning alternative forms of speaking engagements, such as webinars, virtual keynotes and  webinar workshops. BigSpeak understands this is unique for many of our partners. We are here to support you however we can and even if the booking isn’t with us, we’re here to help.

Virtual Keynote Speakers

What Changes Can You Expect For Events And Conferences In 2021?

With 2020 firmly behind us, my events and entertainment company set out to discover what businesses can expect for events, trade shows and conferences in…

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BigSpeak Speakers Salman Khan and Ken Sterling Highlight Citrix’s Conversation on Online Learning

In this unprecedented year that is 2020, millions of people have had to adjust their kids to online learning. COVID-19 has changed the way that…

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Frequently Asked Questions About Online Speaking Events

We’re getting a lot of questions about what’s really happening in our industry with virtual events. Cost is a driving factor in decision making, along…

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Give Your Virtual Team the Inspiration Boost It Needs

One of the biggest challenges as we round the third month of COVID-19’s social distancing is feeling inspired to keep going. No matter what industry…

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4 Latest Trends in Online Conferences and Keynote Speakers

Here’s a question for you. Be honest (please). Before COVID-19 came along, how excited were you to be glued to your seat, eyes forward, fighting…

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Virtual Visual Storytelling with Matthew Luhn

This week on the BigSpeak Webinar, we are joined by renowned storyteller Matthew Luhn. As a former Pixar story artist and animator who’s credits include…

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Booking a Virtual Keynote

Up until March 12th, 2020 we booked thousands of keynotes for in person events. Webinars and virtual events were very rare and frankly frowned upon…

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How To Present, Price and Package Your Speaking For Virtual Events with James Taylor

Join us for this online training on how speakers can pivot to online conferences, summits and events and package and price your speaking programs for…

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Moderated Virtual Webinar Sessions are Better than Virtual Keynotes

You take a seat in the audience. The lights go down. The speaker bounds out on stage to a burst of applause. The presentation is…

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How to Get Started Hosting Your First Digital Event

Has COVID-19 got you hosting your first digital event and you don’t know where to start? Don’t fret, here’s a quick list of what you…

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Rethinking Meetings and Conferences: Don’t Automate, Innovate

Authored by Stephen Shapiro, Innovation Evangelist and Top Keynote Speaker Back in 1990, Dr. Michael Hammer, the father of business process reengineering, wrote a seminal…

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3 Simple Solutions for Finding A Top Webinar Guest Speaker

“Webinar?” “Virtual Keynote?” “Zoom Keynote?” As  a leader, manager, business owner, or community organizer; you have likely taken part in many webinars, Zoom meetings, Google…

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