What to Expect When Working With a Speakers Bureau

Hiring a professional keynote speaker can be a daunting and logistically confusing process. As event organizers know, finding the right person for a keynote address often becomes more involved than they anticipated, causing them to spend undue amounts of time wrestling with speaker details.

Speakers bureaus provide guidance in this process (especially when it comes to logistics and contracts), gifting you with peace of mind and the luxury of being able to focus time and energy on the event itself.

A safety net

Speakers bureaus offer insurance in the case of speaker cancellations or conflicts. They find a replacement and also help with managing the transfer of funds. Once, a speaker we booked for an engagement at a major corporation was unexpectedly hospitalized the weekend prior to the event and required emergency surgery. Needless to say, the speaker could not make the event, causing major anxiety for the client. Fortunately, our intrepid and resourceful agent was not only able to find a great replacement, but also scheduled a conference call and secured a new speaker in one hour (we’re calling Guinness to verify world-record status on this one). The engagement went off without a hitch and received glowing reviews (FYI: the hospitalized speaker is doing just fine now).

Pre-event calls

Speakers bureaus facilitate pre-event calls between speaker and client to fine tune details. Calls take place 3-4 weeks before the event and last around 30 minutes. During these calls, speaker and client can review the theme of the event, main objectives, and the overall message the keynote should convey. At BigSpeak, generally, the agent and an event coordinator will be on the call to facilitate and make note of any last minute changes/amendments.

Speaker expertise

Bureaus are the experts on the experts. Working with a professional and experienced agent at a speakers bureau is the best solution for identifying and securing a top keynote speaker. With many competing voices in the world of public speaking (as just about anyone with something to say can become a speaker), a speakers bureau offers an unbiased perspective—aiming to find the best fit for the audience. Using their expertise, acumen, and negotiating skills, a good agent will ask the right questions, have the best resources and be able to get you the best value on fee, additional activities, and contract terms.


Many speakers bureaus, such as BigSpeak, are happy to promote your event through social media platforms and media blasts. Simply provide the event websites URLs, social media handles, and hashtags; we’ll handle the rest.

No hidden fees

Commissions are included in the speaker fee—thus, there are no hidden fees, with complete transparency from the outset. Finally, we point you in the direction of insider savings tips, such as the flat-travel stipend, to eliminate any possibility of unpleasant surprise expenses.

Event planning ease

Here’s a question: how important is convenience to you? If you answered “extremely,” you’re in the majority. We’re living in the age of convenience—between an increasingly global market and an influx of online offerings, we’re accustomed to getting anything we want at the push of a button. The convenience of a speakers bureau is not just that they help you find the right speaker, they also assist you every step of the way. They coordinate event logistics, negotiate and deliver contracts, and provide an extra layer of liability protection should complications arise with the hired speaker.

Whether you’re booking through BigSpeak or another agency, the importance of booking through a bureau, the time and money you’ll save, is an absolute no-brainer. Time after time, good speakers bureaus prove their worth by picking the best speakers, saving money for clients, getting the best value, and ensuring that everything runs seamlessly. Who doesn’t want a little convenience and peace of mind in their hectic business lives?

Don’t take any risks. Work with a top speakers bureau for expertise and peace of mind.

We’ve got your back.

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