The Mashup Series: Lisa Bodell and James Lawrence

Welcome to the first edition of the BigSpeak Webinar Mashup Series. We invite you to join us for a conversation with innovation expert Lisa Bodell and the Iron Cowboy James Lawrence.

At BigSpeak, we are committed to living our purpose every day. What better way is there to AWAKEN GREATNESS WITHIN than to partner with our speakers to spark the inspiration and creativity in all of us? The Mashup Series pairs two speakers from different backgrounds and topics, who are more similar than they seem. Finding common ground is more important than ever, especially as we find ourselves craving human connection in this virtual world.

This session will feature a Q&A in which attendees will have the opportunity to ask their questions live on video. If you would like to participate, please ensure that your computer settings allow for Zoom to access your camera and microphone. We will be recording this broadcast and will automatically distribute it to all registrants.