Top Motivational Speakers Who Will Show You the Light at the End of the COVID Tunnel

Is your team in need of a serious motivational boost? Maybe you’re going through a forced transition from a vibrant office life to a home office that’s been quickly and haphazardly pieced together. Or maybe you’re a part of an essential business that needs to stay open and you’re tired of trying to talk to your staff through a face mask. 

COVID has left us with no easy or comfortable scenario. Most of us are working harder than ever and desperately need to hear something uplifting right about now. Be the hero of the office and give your staff a virtual experience with a top motivational speaker. BigSpeak’s top motivational speakers will instill hope, positivity, and an enduring and unconquerable spirit to help push through this time of adversity.  

James Clear is an expert on habits — everything from destroying bad ones to building great, long-lasting ones. He uses his work of changing habits on a minut level to completely reshape lives for the better. With all this alone time for self-reflection, help your team strengthen themselves through small changes. 

Robyn Benincasa is an Adventure Racing World Champion, a San Diego firefighter, a CNN Hero, and the list goes on. Through all of her accomplishments she has learned the importance of leaning on a team. She will help your company find individual strengths and teach them how to bring them together. 

As a retired Brigadier General and a sought-after expert on leadership, Thomas Koltiz will help your team fight its way through any adversity. Learn from his years of experience creating dedicated teams to make your own company unbeatable. 

James Lawrence, the Iron Cowboy, has run 50 Ironman races in 50 days in 50 different states. If you need an example of pushing human limits to persevere and beat your most audacious goals, look to him. 

Molly Bloom, bestselling author of the memoir Molly’s Game and poker entrepreneur, will use her roller coaster of a story to help your team harness their inner fight to make their lives something incredible. She puts the power into her audience’s hands, even in the most hopeless of situations. 

You probably know Daymond John from ABC’s Shark Tank where he sits as a “shark” investor. Most people don’t know his story of broke to business tycoon, founding FUBU in his garage. His rags-to-riches story made him the shark he is today and will inspire all hard-workers to create the best lives for themselves. 

Jade Simmons is a unique talent and creative genius. She took her classical musical training and created an entirely new genre of music. If your office is in a slump, her catchy music paired with insightful ways for your team to be their genuine selves will inspire everyone to reach their full potential. 

As a rejection expert Jia Jiang knows how to overcome any situation through pure grit and perseverance. Harness his “won’t take no for an answer” mentality to keep your team resilient through new challenges. 

Maybe you see your office more as a team. Virtually bring a 5-time NFL All-Pro to your office to get inspiration for building a stronger, more cohesive team. As the number one requested team building motivational speaker, Brian Holloway will help your company work together to be unstoppable.