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From conference call to curtain call, our mission at BigSpeak Speakers Bureau is to make your job easier, do all the heavy lifting and make you the hero. As partners in helping you elevate your event to the next level by providing world-class motivational and keynote speakers and creating dynamic, unforgettable presentations, we welcome the opportunity to share our expertise with you. To that end, we have provided the following tips and tools to help get you there. As always, we encourage you to contact us if you have questions about any aspect of hiring or working with professional speakers. We look forward to working with you to plan your next meeting, conference, convention or retreat.

How to Ace the Keynote Speaker Introduction

Keynote speakers do need introductions. Even the speakers that “need no introduction” need introductions. It doesn’t matter if it’s the President of the United States…

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What All Keynote Speakers Should Have in Their Demo Reels

You rarely read about selling your services as a public speaker. You hear about how to engage your audience, how to close your presentation, and…

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Top Booked Keynote Speaker Lists

“Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness thrust upon them.” — Shakespeare Who are the top booked keynote speakers in your…

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Top Technology Trends at Conferences

What technology will make your attendees’ experience easier and more meaningful at your next event? According to the most recent research, the latest technology will…

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Industry Trends for Keynote Speakers

Have you noticed your standard keynote isn’t getting the same great response anymore? Do you see more empty seats in the audience and are getting…

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Industry Trends for Events and Event Planners

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” — Ferris Bueller Today’s conference is…

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Why Work With a Speakers Bureau?

A speakers bureau matches clients with the best keynote speakers for an event, conference, or workshop. Based on your goals, objectives, themes, and budget a…

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4 Benefits of Bringing in a Business Speaker

Hiring a business speaker for your next event can have far-reaching impacts, from increasing employee morale to boosting productivity.…

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Finding Growth Opportunities in Times of Uncertainty

Now that the CDC has upgraded our risk level to the medium risk category and social distancing has become a thing, how will this impact…

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How to Master the Post Event Book Signing and Photo Lineup

For attendees, a photo opportunity or a book signing with the speaker whose keynote just awed and inspired them can be a special way to…

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How to Market Your Event

Every event planners’ two biggest fears are What if no one comes? and What if they hate it? You have nightmares of empty seats or…

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How to Book a Celebrity Speaker

So you want to book a big famous celebrity to speak at your event? But how do you go about hiring such a person? How…

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