Adam Hartung

Disruptive Innovation Expert, Business Author, Consultant

  • Adam Hartung`s Keynote Speaker Fee This reflects Adam Hartung`s U.S. Speaking Fee

    $10,001 - $20,000

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    Nevada, USA

  • Adam Hartung`s Keynote Speaker Fee This reflects Adam Hartung`s U.S. Speaking Fee

    $10,001 - $20,000

  • Languages Spoken


  • Travels From

    Nevada, USA

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About Keynote Speaker Adam Hartung

About Adam . . . 

Even the best businesses can fail. Kodak, Hostess and Circuit City were all once market leaders but eventually bankruptcies. Their products became dated, customers stopped caring and soon the former market giants were irrelevant. Why? Because they refused to change.

Excelling at what you want to do doesn’t create business success – instead figure out what people want to buy. Your organization must either adapt with market trends and let go of old business strategies or disappear like Polaroid. What made your company successful five years ago most likely won’t produce the same results today and certainly won’t in five years.

But even when you’re willing to change, how do you decide what to do next?

Winning means thinking and acting outside the box. Adam Hartung’s more than 20 year track record developing and implementing strategies to take advantage of emerging trends has shown companies like Eaton, Hyatt and Integrys Energy how to unleash business growth through innovation. When new competitors and market shifting trends threaten your core business, Adam will show you how to be an industry leader by not asking customers what they want and instead giving them what they need.

Adam’s Background . . .

Adam’s remarkably consistent track record is built on applying his two proprietary frameworks for predicting business success; The Phoenix Principle and the Status Quo Risk Management Playbook. His keynote presentations and workshops make trends clear and help audiences chart a successful course to a more profitable future in our fast changing world.

Adam has been the No. 1 Leadership columnist for since 2009, written a quarterly column for CIO Magazine since 2010 and been a contributing editor for the International Journal of Innovation Science since its founding in 2008. His columns have boldly predicted highly unexpected declines for market leaders such as Tribune, Sears, and Research in Motion years before anyone else.

For two decades, Adam’s accurate forecasts about market shifting trends and his predictions for industry leading corporations has made him a frequent press interviewee regarding Apple, Microsoft, HP and other tech companies, as well as the automobile, media and retail industries. His insight to business growth and overcoming organizational obstacles have been featured in Inc, Adweek, Washington Times and on BBC television.

Since 2004, Adam has been CEO and Managing Partner of Spark Partners, a strategy and transformation consultancy. In 2010, Adam became the founding CEO of Soparfilm Energy, a corporation that invested early in fracking for oil and gas production. Additionally, Adam has been on the Board of Directors at several successful privately held companies, including Crosfield Electronics and Benchmark Technologies in the U.K., Biometric Access Corp. and Apex Interactive and in the U.S.  Adam provides board advisory services and is a certified Fellow in the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) where he is a regular speaker on risk management.

Adam was formerly an executive with PepsiCo and DuPont and is a Boston Consulting Group alumni. Adam received his MBA from the Harvard Business School with Distinction.  He now travels the globe giving keynotes and leading risk management workshops sharing his insights to how companies and executives can succeed.


“Adam Hartung, author of Create Marketplace Disruption, was my guest speaker at a recent FEI Career Management Group Breakfast. Adam did an excellent job of enlightening the group on the concepts in his book, tying in current business events (eg. the GM Chapter 11 filing) and bringing topic relevance to the Finance executives in attendance. Adam conveyed his material with the authority one would expect from someone who had conducted extensive research but also with a sense of humor and engaging style that sparked many questions from the audience. Adam is the type of speaker who will make business leaders think differently about what they need to focus on and how to lead so they will have successful businesses not only today but in the future.”

Ron Zoromski

Committee Member, FEI Career Management Group

“Adam Hartung presented to our University of Chicago Booth School of Business’ Consulting Roundtable (CRT). His presentation focused on how to galvanize our companies and clients — insights that are valuable in any economy and urgent in this one. Whether in a tough times or good, Adam’s insights are applicable — companies, and individuals, have to be adaptable. Adam’s presentation demonstrated what makes a company adaptable, able to manage through a downturn or market shift, and enlightened us with the surprising strategies and stories of those companies. Our audience was engaged, asked many questions and the presentation was energizing — so much so that when the session was officially over, 70% of the attendees stayed an extra hour of further discussion.”

Rachel Patterson

University of Chicago

“Adam presented practical, actionable viewpoints to our management team. Using a combination of examples and specific to-dos, he explained how we can avoid a lock-in mindset that has resulted in the downfall of many a company! His engaging style made it easy for our team to internalize the concepts.”

Sudhakar Ramakrishna

Corporate VP, Home, Networks Mobility, Motorola, Inc.

“First, let me recommend you strongly consider Adam Hartung’s presentation. It was very well received and valued by my two audiences – all 5s out of 5. I believe that Adam’s presentation couldn’t come at a more opportune time. The challenging of some of our strongly held paradigms and “sacred cows” may end up being just the breakthrough some need. You want to get this man, Adam Hartung in front of your groups and engage with them in some fierce conversations.”

John N. Younker, Ph.D.

Associate in Continuous Improvement, Vistage Chair

“After seeing Adam speak at a very well-attended ACG meeting, I asked him if he would like to speak at one of our events on the spot. As the incoming President for the 2 year old Chicago Chapter of the Association for Strategic Planning, I wanted to bring in a high-impact speaker to give our members and prospective members a clear sense of the quality of value that we provide as an organization and to draw others to attend. Adam was thoroughly knowledgeable, entertaining, but best of all, very insightful and provocative – I had many people thank us for having him present and I believe it helps our image and growth plans.”

Rick Kaufmann

Vice President, Middle Market Commercial Banking, Charter One Bank


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