Alex Hunter

Former Head of Digital for the Virgin Group, Branding and Loyalty Expert

Alex Hunter is a top technology keynote speaker and a branding and loyalty expert. He was part of the team that founded award-winning airline Virgin America, and the Former Global Head of Digital for the entire Virgin Group. He is also the creator and host of the multi-award-winning travel show, Attaché.


  • Alex Hunter`s Keynote Speaker Fee This reflects Alex Hunter`s U.S. Speaking Fee

    $10,001 - $20,000

  • Languages Spoken


  • Travels From

    United Kingdom (UK) California, USA

  • Alex Hunter`s Keynote Speaker Fee This reflects Alex Hunter`s U.S. Speaking Fee

    $10,001 - $20,000

  • Languages Spoken


  • Travels From

    United Kingdom (UK) California, USA

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About Keynote Speaker Alex Hunter

Alex helps some of the world’s biggest organisations bring “WOW” to their customer experience and branding. Past clients include Volkswagen, Twitter, L’Oreal, Pepsi, GE, Ubuntu, Shell, Bosch, Voestalpine, GSK, and IKEA. In his speeches and workshops, Alex show how to create a long-lasting bond with customers by showing the human side of brands, exploring the psychology of brand loyalty, and revealing some of the best tactics for keeping customers happy.

Previously, Alex served as the global Head of Digital for the Virgin Group, curating the entire Virgin brand’s global digital strategy, as well as Sir Richard Branson’s personal digital strategy.

Alex also served as the founding Chief Executive of a venture-backed digital music company, securing investment from the backers of Twitter, Tumblr, Medium, and Kickstarter. He steered the company from pre-alpha to a Series A financing, a successful international M&A deal, and multi-national growth in under a year.

Alex served on the Board of Trustees for the UK non-profit Drinkaware. He has also served as an advisor to the Prince of Wales’ Rainforest Trust specifically around the use of social media and engagement to propagate the Trusts’ message.

Alex’s work has been featured in the best-selling book “The Whuffie Factor” by Tara Hunt, he was profiled in the best-seller “Insites: 20 conversations with the biggest names in the web community”, and he has been featured in magazines, TV interviews, and blog/websites around the world.

Alex is a highly sought-after speaker, appearing all over the world at major industry events such as ad:tech, Future of Web Apps (London, Las Vegas, Dublin, and Miami), Thinking Digital, Marketing 2.0, iStrategy, Tech4Africa, MARKA, and Internet World. He’s also spoken at private events for organizations such as Cisco, Deloitte, Infosys, Procter & Gamble, O2, Nationwide, CapitalOne, FedEx and the BBC.

Alex currently splits his time between the UK and Northern California.


“Alex was entertaining, relevant and quite inspirational…one of our best speakers ever.”



Alex’s presentation was engaging and informative.  The audience LOVED it – it was the highest ranked presentation. We enjoyed working with Alex and learning from his insights – we hope to work with him again in the future.



“Fantastic opening keynote. Alex’s presentation was entertaining, educational and timely for our industry. In addition to the content, his fast-paced, colloquial, dynamic delivery style is nothing like what the crowd is used to, and very much appreciated by the audience (and it made us look good for broadening the minds of our attendees)!”



“Alex had a great style, engaged the audience and conveyed key messages… it was a great conclusion to our event.”



He was amazing. A really engaging speaker with a very slick and professional presentation. He got big laughs and landed some great messages. He was a pleasure to be around, very easy to work with and very friendly.

Capital One


Energetic, informed, relevant, humourous and the best intro to a conference I have heard in a long while



“Very engaging. His personable style meant that the subject matter was easily absorbed and interest was held throughout.”

News International


“Alex is one of the rare breeds in the space that gets both the details and the bigger scope of what’s happening and maybe more importantly where it’s going.”

Gary Vaynerchuk

Founder of WineLibraryTV, author of the bestselling Crush It!

“I worked with Alex during the massively intense startup phase of Virgin America, now the most decorated startup in aviation history. If I were to start another airline, I would certainly ask Alex to join me for the ride.”

Fred Reid

President, Flexjet, Founding CEO, Virgin America


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