Bea Johnson

Founder of the Zero Waste Lifestyle Movement, Bestselling Author

  • Bea Johnson`s Keynote Speaker Fee This reflects Bea Johnson`s U.S. Speaking Fee

    $20,001 - $30,000

  • Languages Spoken

    English, French

  • Travels From

    California, USA

  • Bea Johnson`s Keynote Speaker Fee This reflects Bea Johnson`s U.S. Speaking Fee

    $20,001 - $30,000

  • Languages Spoken

    English, French

  • Travels From

    California, USA

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About Keynote Speaker Bea Johnson

Bea Johnson and her family adopted a zero waste lifestyle a decade ago; their household produces a mere pint of trash per year. With her blog and bestseller Zero Waste Home (translated in 17 languages, #1 on Amazon waste cat.), Bea launched a global movement and continues to inspire a growing community to live simply and take a stance against needless waste. Her methodology is based on 5R’s: “Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot, and only in that order”. She shatters misconceptions, proving that zero waste can not only be stylish, but also lead to significant health benefits, and time and money savings.

She speaks at universities, corporate events and conferences all over the globe, including Google, Pixar, Adobe, the European Parliament and the United Nations. She has completed eight international tours and given 190+ speeches in 30+ countries on 6 continents. She has appeared on TV shows and in publications everywhere, from The Today Show to BBC Breakfast.

Passionate and optimist, she was dubbed “The Priestess of Waste-Free Living” by the New York Times and is the leading spokesperson for the zero waste lifestyle. She is a Grand Prize winner of The Green Awards, a member of the New Dream advisory council, and a French native who currently lives in Mill Valley, California.


“Comments continue to come in on how Bea inspired people to really think about what they do and how it impacts our planet…and how they can change their own habits. She is amazing!”

Gwyn Weisberg

Event Organizer, Adobe Systems

“…very professional, enlightening and articulate presentation. Bea’s passion is inspiring.”

Meta Mertens

Environmental Business professor at CSUEB

“It was a great success! We really appreciated Bea’s ability to use personal anecdotes about her trials to bring this huge topic down to a manageable scale for our audience. She lent a unique angle and understanding that makes zero waste seem less daunting.”

Krista Kracher

Event organizer, San Francisco Commonwealth Club

“What an incredible evening with Bea speaking to us as if we are in her living room with her husband and boys with witty French humour and earth solid humility ~ This is a must see!! If Bea comes again and we will tell everyone we know!”


Event Attendee

“Waste not, want not isn’t about penny pinching. It’s about gratitude and loving our lives. Bea Johnson doesn’t just teach us to save the planet. She teaches us to save ourselves.”

Colin Beavan

Author of No Impact Man


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