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Brad Waid

Futurist and Educator

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About Brad Waid…

Brad is an award-winning emerging technology leader, futurist and former educator, from Michigan, who has 14 years of classroom experience and 5 years of industry experience, where he has been recognized as a leader in implementing and leveraging technology in both education and industry.  Brad is also the COO and Director of Emerging Technologies for The Digital Citizenship Institute.

In addition, Brad is a global influencer and international keynote speaker and has delivered his message and worked with companies and conferences, not only in the U.S. but in England, Germany, Hong Kong, Malaysia, New Zealand and is scheduled to speak and work in Ireland, Australia, Cameroon, Jordan as well as the U.S in 2018.

Brad is recognized as the #14 global influencer in Augmented Reality, a thought leader in Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality and Machine Learning and has been recognized, by the National School Board Association, as one of the “20 to Watch”.  An award recognizing individuals who will have the greatest impact in education over the next 20 years.  Brad’s knowledge of emerging technology and his passion to inspire change, makes him highly sought after and someone who makes an impact where ever he goes.

Speaker Brad Waid’s Accomplishments Include…

Brad took ISTE 2013 by storm, captivating audiences with his demonstrations and applications of Augmented Reality. By the time the conference was over, he had created such a buzz about Augmented Reality in Education he was already becoming sought after by companions and school districts all over the world.  While at ISTE2013 Brad was interviewed by the EdReadch network about his work on Augmented Reality in Education and since then, he has been offered his own show, along with Drew Minock to share their message and the power of educational technology.  Their Show, the “Two Guys Show” is extremely popular, has an international following and was the number one rated show on the EdReach Network.

After ISTE, Brad was one of the closing speakers for Podstock 2013 in Wichita Kansas where he delivered his passionate message about using Educational Technology and Augmented Reality in education to a packed house.

Brad was a veteran teacher who has stayed energized and passionate about educating kids through his knowledge of technology and his vision on how to implement it into the educational system.

He co-authored a blog called Two Guys and Some iPads as a way to share his message of educational change and the power of educational technology. The blog had over 100,000 visitors in the first 4 months and is viewed by over 100 countries around the world and has had over 1,000,000 page views since.  It’s a place educators from around the world go to learn about educational technology and how to apply it into their classrooms, building and districts.

As of 2018 Brad has created amazing relationships with companies, conferences, school districts and governments from all over the World where he is able to share his vision and understanding of the emerging technologies landscape and work with them to carry out their vision.


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