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Chitra Anand

Intrapreneurship Expert

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Chitra Anand is at the forefront of an important new movement in the workplace: intrapreneurship. Intrapreneurs are the people within your organization who possess an entrepreneurial spirit, driving innovation, creative thinking, and new ideas. The former head of PR for Microsoft Canada, Anand has been an intrapreneur for her entire career. Her talks reveal how to foster that spirit, and how to stay on the cutting edge of market trends, technology, and consumer behaviour.

Chitra Anand is an influence and social marketer who is currently completing a PhD focused on the study of intrapreneurship. Her research examines the traits of intrapreneurs, how they navigate organizations, and why they are the key drivers of innovation. She also studies shifts in technology, and how the way we communicate has created a massive change in consumer behaviour: the power has transferred from the business to the consumer, and marketers need a whole new perspective on content creation and storytelling.

Anand was Head of Public Relations, Communications, and Corporate Reputation for Microsoft Canada, where she created stories and experiences by engaging with key influencers, media, and in the digital space. Projects she guided there have been awarded IABC Gold Quill Awards and Canadian Public Relations Society Awards of Excellence. Prior to Microsoft, she was Director of Marketing at TELUS Corp. She joined the company at its critical transformational stage from being a traditional Telco to a sophisticated ICT. During her tenure there, she led some of the sexiest award-winning brand, social media, and sponsorship campaigns that received rave reviews and massive media attention. Thanks to her leadership, TELUS was also awarded the “Corporate IT Hero” award by the Information Technology Association of Canada for developing Upopolis, an online social networking application for sick children, and was recognized by Business for the Arts for the exceptional effectiveness of its partnerships with arts organizations, including Luminato, the Royal Conservatory of Music, Soulpepper, and the National Ballet School.

Anand has an MBA from The Kellogg School of Management and is currently pursuing her PhD at Bradford University in the UK. She has taught several business courses at both Seneca and Humber College in Toronto in their post graduate business programs. Her work has been featured in several publications and newspapers, such as The Globe and Mail, Canadian Government Executive, The Huffington Post, Marketing Magazine and on the CBC.

Testimonials 2

  • Chitra Anand is a pleasure to listen to.  Her innovative ideas about intrapreneurship are motivational and inspiring. Chitra is a visionary with a focus on transforming not only businesses but one’s self to excel in a world where technology is forever changing.

    Her passion to see businesses rise to the top, shines through in her presentation, with her knowledge and wisdom leaving you with an impacting message that will encourage you to look for ways to embrace change and strive for success.

    Cindy Wallace

    Association of Alberta Registry Agents

  • I invited Chitra to speak at our Ideas Festival, whose goal was to bring changemakers in our region together to spark new ideas / collisions for our prosperous future. Through her talk, Chitra helped reframe the entrepreneurial mindset, inspired new thinking by challenging people to think about innovating within existing business.

    Vanessa Paesani

    Executive Director, 21 Inc

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