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About Speaker Chris Dyer…

Chris Dyer is a recognized performance expert. Constantly intrigued by what makes some businesses and individuals more successful than others, Chris has dedicated years of research to uncovering what drives productivity and profits.

Why Chris Dyer?

A highly engaging speaker, Chris Dyer has 20+ years of experience working with leading organizations across the country. As a certified SCRUM Master, he is adept at helping teams work through obstacles too find solutions quickly and effectively.

As a sought-after speaker and consultant, Chris works with leading organizations to help them transform their cultures to boost performance and gain an even greater edge in the marketplace. A certified SCRUM Master, Chris is highly adept at helping teams work through obstacles and find solutions quickly and effectively. He leverages this experience in all aspects of his work.

Chris is the author of The Power of Company Culture, which was released in 2018. He is also the Founder and CEO of PeopleG2, a background check company that has appeared on the Inc. 5000 list of the Fastest Growing Companies.

A passionate talent management enthusiast, Chris is the host of TalentTalk, a popular business podcast that features interviews with top executives about their strategies for hiring and promoting talent.

Chris strongly believes in community involvement, and he is active with a number of organizations. He regularly serves as a judge at entrepreneurial showcases and contests, such as Miller Lite Tap the Future. Additionally, he runs two book clubs for Senior Level and HR Professionals in Southern California. Chris also serves on the board of Working Wardrobes, a non-profit organization that empowers people who are overcoming difficult challenges, such as abuse or homelessness, to confidently enter the workforce and achieve self-sufficiency.

In his free time, Chris enjoys traveling with his wife and kids, and playing live music with his band. He resides in Orange County, California.

Testimonials 2

  • “Chris is a world-class speaker. His presentations are straightforward and often with a startling sense of humor.”

    Kim Shepherd

    CEO, Decision Toolbox

  • “Chris is an engaging and creative storyteller. His passion for talent and culture continues to engage the audience, while having spot-on implications for anyone looking to improve.”

    William Tincup

    SPHR, CEO at Tincup & Co, Writer for Fistful of Talent

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Culture Hackathon

A longtime cornerstone of Chris’ work, the Culture Hackathon helps organizations bridge the gap between their current culture and ideal current culture. Best conducted with constituents from all levels of the organization, Chris helps leaders dig deep to identify their culture’s strengths and shortcomings, while designing practical ways to make improvements. If your team has been wondering where to focus to make a real difference and boost engagement, performance, and profits, the Culture Hackathon is for you.

Training and Development

  • Helping leaders figure out where to focus their efforts to get the most ROI
  • Arming individual leaders with what they need to make a difference, given their unique situations and business goals
  • Leveraging generational differences to better capitalize on strengths
  • Managing mistakes with empathy, transparency, and fairness

C-Suite Support

  • Evaluating progress on business goals and uncovering a few actionable things to move the needle
  • Making under-performing teams better
  • Getting more out of your best teams
  • Improving engagement and retention strategies, with a focus on Millennials

Training and Development

  • Motivating, engaging, and empowering salespeople
  • Understanding and overcoming cognitive biases that hinder performance
  • Pumping up your pipeline through training on purposeful listening
  • Improving problem-solving skills to sell more efficiently and effectively
  • Supercharging engagement and retention by focusing on strengths, positivity, and celebrating uniqueness

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