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Keynote Speaker Chris Trimble

Chris Trimble

Dartmouth Associate Business Professor, Noted Author and Expert on Innovation

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    New Hampshire, USA

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Speaker’s Key Accomplishments Include . . . 
Chris Trimble is an expert on making innovation happen in large organizations. He has dedicated more than a decade to studying a single challenge that vexes even the best-managed organizations:how to execute an innovation initiative.

Chris is on the faculty at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth and at The Dartmouth Center for Health Care Delivery Science. He has written five books, including Beyond the Idea: How to Execute Innovation in Any Organization, with co-author Vijay Govindarajan. Chris and Vijay also collaborated on the New York Times bestseller Reverse Innovation: Create Far From Home, Win Everywhere, which focuses on the specific challenge of innovating to propel growth in emerging markets, and How Stella Saved the Farm, a simple story that instigates productive conversations about what it really takes to make innovation happen.

Chris first broke into the forefront of executive consciousness with his book Ten Rules for Strategic Innovators – from Idea to Execution. In 2006, the Wall Street Journal published a “Top Ten Recommended Reading” list that included Ten Rules alongside FreakonomicsThe Tipping Point, and Blink. Strategy & Business magazine recognized Ten Rules as “the best strategy book of the year.”

His notable articles include Stop the Innovation Wars, with Vijay Govindarajan, in the Harvard Business Review, which won a McKinsey Award, and How GE is Disrupting Itself also in HBR, with Jeff Immelt and Vijay Govindarajan.

Chris Trimble is a frequent speaker on the topic of innovation and has delivered keynote addresses at major conferences and has also worked with dozens of private clients — including GE, IBM, Microsoft, Thomson Reuters, Fidelity, and the New York Times Company — in roundtable discussions and executive education programs.

More About Speaker, Chris Trimble. . .
Drawing on more than a decade of research, Chris Trimble gives presentations that are at once enjoyable, compelling, and imminently practical. By sharing stories of success and struggle at well-known organizations from IBM to Dow Jones to Deere & Company, Chris motivates audiences to set high aspirations, and offers clear principles for turning aspirations into action.

Chris mixes rigorous academic research with hard-nosed practical experience. His interest in innovation within large organizations developed early in his career, when he was a submarine officer in the United States Navy.

He is currently immersed in a multi-year effort to apply his work to the specific challenge of innovation in health care delivery.

He holds an MBA degree with distinction from the Tuck School, and a Bachelor of Science degree with highest distinction from the University of Virginia.

The Leading Innovation Workshop

Leaders today must manage the present, selectively forget the past and collaboratively create the future. This workshop is not about creativity, brainstorming, searching for ideas, or even selecting the best.

It is about execution. It is about moving from idea to impact. It is about achieving an idea’s full potential without getting eaten or run-over by the very organization that is trying to bring it to life. It is about enabling a team in the present that can deliver you to your future.

Leading Innovation™ details Six Essential Principles to make innovation happen inside your organization. Workshop participants discover a straight-forward approach to executing an innovation initiative involving, in particular, a special kind of (dedicated) team and a special kind of (disciplined) plan.

Leading Innovation™ contains the proven solutions that make innovation happen inside the world’s foremost organizations. Now you can bring them home to your organization.


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