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Lisa Bodell

Globally Recognized Futurist and Expert on Innovation and Leading Change

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Lisa Bodell’s Key Accomplishments Include . . . 

Lisa Bodell is the founder and CEO of futurethink, an internationally recognized innovation research and training firm that helps businesses embrace change and become world-class innovators.
Ms. Bodell founded futurethink on the premise that everyone has the power to innovate—they just need to know how. futurethink has spent years working with hundreds of leading innovators to create the largest catalog of innovation research and tools in the world, and the most in-depth training curricula on innovation anywhere. Clients such as Pfizer, GE, and Johnson & Johnson look to futurethink to develop new thinking styles and generate innovative ideas.

Why Lisa Bodell?

Founder & CEO of innovation firm futurethink Lisa Bodell is the bestselling author of Kill the Company, and her latest Why Simple Wins. A leader on simplifying innovation and change management, Lisa is often called upon by global companies to help them eradicate workplace complexity that is killing their ability to innovate and adapt. Simplicity is fast becoming the competitive advantage of our time and Lisa offers tested tools and takeaways to motivate organizations and individuals to action.

A Dynamic Keynote Speaker, Lisa has addressed capacity audiences at Google, Cisco Systems, Accenture, Citigroup, and Merck and is often the highest-rated presenter, as she engages audiences and empowers them with practical tools, tips, and resources that they can use to create immediate and effective change. Praise for Lisa includes: “insightful, engaging and energetic” (Google); “relevant and compelling” (Accenture); “ignited a spirit of innovation” (Mastercard Worldwide); “winning business ideas” (Citigroup).

Let Lisa show you how simplicity can be your new operating system and North Star towards creating an innovative workplace culture.

Bodell is globally recognized as a leader and pioneer in the field of futuring and innovation—creating a unique approach to an otherwise complicated topic. She created the widely-adopted SIPC Innovation Framework (STRATEGY, IDEAS, PROCESS, CLIMATE), which has helped innovators around the world easily embrace innovation, providing a clear method that breaks innovation down into manageable parts.

She is a seasoned futurist, teacher, and entrepreneur who has built three successful businesses. She began her career at Leo Burnett in Chicago, where she developed her appetite for marrying strategically-driven ideas with forward-thinking themes. She went on to start her own strategic planning firm, Strategic InSites, and then marketing and branding firm, Harvest Partners, before focusing solely on the innovation space with her latest venture— futurethink. As a globally recognized futurist and expert on the topics of innovation and driving change, she helped thousands of senior leaders at companies such as the New York Stock Exchange, Merck, HBO, and Lockheed Martin unlock new potential and create new value. Her mission, with every audience she meets, is to open people’s minds about the future, provoke fresh thinking around what’s possible, and inspire people to take action.

In addition to running futurethink and lecturing, Lisa currently serves as an advisor on the boards of the Institute of Direct Marketing in London, The Women’s Congress, the Association of Professional Futurists, and the prestigious Institute for Triple Helix Innovation think tank, the only innovation initiative of its kind within the U.S. government. She serves as a finalist judge at the annual Idea Crossing Innovation Challenge and FIT’s innovation challenge (which futurethink co-created), has taught marketing and creativity at American University, and serves as a faculty member of the American Management Association.

A respected thought leader on innovation topics, Bodell has appeared on FOX News, and in publications such as Crain’s, Business Week, The New York Times, WIRED, Investor’s Business Daily, Successful Meetings, Harvard Business Review, and The Futurist. She is also an author of Success Simplified, and of the upcoming book: Kill the Company: End the Status Quo, Start an Innovation Revolution.

Bodell earned her business degree from the University of Michigan, where she concentrated in business administration and marketing.

More About Speaker, Lisa Bodell . . .
Although a Midwesterner at heart, Lisa Bodell has spent over 20 years in New York with her husband and children. When not traveling (having visited over 40 countries and 48 states), she spends time expressing her own creativity by playing games or doing puzzles with her kids or experimenting with new ingredients in her kitchen. Always up for an adventure, Lisa has set her sights on visiting the North Pole so she can stand in every time zone—simultaneously.

Testimonials 8

  • “Lisa Bodell is one of the most outstanding presenters I have ever seen. She passionately delivers well-articulated messages that engage the audience and encourage action on the part of the listener. Something tells me that many of her insights will become essential elements of our culture.”

    Duncan Niederauer

    CEO, NYSE Euronext

  • “Lisa’s presentations have transformed the way our leaders think of innovation. Lisa provides a mix of practical, easy to use tools and inspiration which has helped to create a new mindset around how to innovate in all parts of our company.”

    Nancy Singer

    R. Ph., Executive Director of Enterprise Learning, Merck

  • “Lisa Bodell is one of the most dynamic and powerful keynote speakers our association has ever had. Her delivery, style, and expert content completely energized an audience of 500 and a breakout session of 50. She is incredibly successful at sizing up an audience and totally tailors her speech to address the needs and concerns of an industry.”

    Libby Taylor

    VP-Director of Event Planning, National Association of Confectionery Dealers

  • “Over the years, I’ve tried many innovation ‘gurus’ to educate my leadership team. Lisa is the real thing – she’s an expert that also knows how to use both presentation and learning principles to hold an audience’s attention.”

    David Owens

    Director of Learning & Development, Bausch & Lomb

  • “Lisa Bodell made my leadership team think in new ways and helped us develop winning business ideas right in the room. My team now embraces innovation rather than fearing it.”

    Mary Fennoglio

    Managing Director, Citigroup Corporate Investment Bank

  • “Lisa Bodell did an outstanding job in designing and facilitating an innovation keynote for our senior leaders, many of whom regarded this as the best innovation keynote they have ever seen. I would recommend her to any organization that is looking for clear and actionable pathways to innovation.”

    Wayne Pethrick

    Director, Marketing and Consumer Insights, Pitney Bowes

  • Lisa has the winning combination you look for in a keynote speaker – she is insightful, engaging and energetic. She was the top rated speaker at two Google events and inspired our audience to start an innovation revolution.


  • Lisa’s message will not only open your eyes to what’s happening in our world, but will also provide you the tools to be able to take action … Her energy is contagious.

    Cisco Systems

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