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Dr. Gregory Neidert

Organizational Consultant

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About Speaker Gregory Neidert…

For more than 35 years, Dr. Gregory Neidert has been an organizational consultant, who is an expert in ameliorating organizational and social traps by applying the science of social influence. He works with management and employees to help shape a working culture that is maximally adaptable to ever changing internal and external organizational demands. He focuses much of his time on coaching and training others on the ethical business applications of the science of social influence.

Why Dr. Gregory Neidert

  1. Dr. Neidert is Director of Training of INFLUENCE AT WORK, an international organization headed by Dr. Robert Cialdini. Dr. Neidert spends much of his time delivering programs based on Dr. Cialdini’s research on the ethical business applications of the science of influence.
    • Dr. Cialdini’s content is scientifically grounded and is based on decades of peer-reviewed research into the reasons why people comply with requests.
    • Dr. Cialdini’s content is ethically appropriate. The approaches advocated in his programs can be used in entirely non manipulative ways that never deceive or coerce others into assent.
    • Dr. Cialdini’s content is not widely known and can involve small changes in practice. The intent of his programs to bring to light some little-recognized aspects of persuasion and relatively minor modifications to their persuasive practices that  will result in major increases in their effectiveness.

Dr. Neidert holds a directorship with INFLUENCE AT WORK, an international consulting, strategic planning and training organization based on the Six Principles of Influence (per the research of Dr. Robert Cialdini). In addition, he developed the Core Motives Model of Social Influence. This model helps individuals understand when each of Dr. Robert Cialdini’s six Principles of Influence becomes especially important and most effective. His vast listing of clients range from Fortune 100 companies, to medium and small size businesses, and a variety of government agencies and non-profit organizations. In addition, as President of World of Work, Inc., he is the creator of the World of Work Inventory, a comprehensive psychometric assessment used throughout North America, Britain, Australia, and New Zealand.

Dr. Neidert received his Ph.D. from Arizona State University, where he was a faculty member in the Department of Psychology. In his more than 35 years at ASU, he received numerous honors and awards, including Outstanding Professor, Outstanding Faculty, Promoter of Excellence Award, and Research Fellow at the Lincoln Center for Private and Public Sector Ethics.

Dr. Neidert’s vast listing of clients range from Fortune 100 companies to medium and small size businesses. Motorola, Honeywell, Intel, Merrill Lynch, Zales Corporation, Nationwide Insurance, Wisconsin Public Service, W.W. Grainger, Baxter Healthcare Corporation, Arizona Public Service, etc. are only a few of his corporate clients.

Testimonials 4

  • “Dr. Gregory Neidert is a superb consultant, speaker, and trainer on the topic of influence.  This is not simply because he understands the topic so well, but also because of his ability to convey that understanding to others in ways that render the material immediately useable.”

    Dr. Robert Cialdini

    New York Times Business Best Seller Author, CEO, and President of INFLUENCE AT WORK

  • “Dr. Neidert was magnificent!  His presentation was informative, perfectly-paced, thought-provoking – and extremely entertaining! We received very positive comments from the meeting attendees!”

    Janet Bartelmay

    General Solicitor, Association of American Railroads

  • “Dr. Neidert and his Science of Influence presentation has been a hit for our clients each and every time he presents the material. He has a way of giving the information in an attention getting manner as well as involving the crowd to encourage their implementing what they learn. Dr. Neidert is an absolute pleasure to work with and we will continue to use his expertise in the art of influence in the future!”

    Cat Lester

    Content Producer, Scheduling Institute

  • “Dr. Neidert’s session on the Science of Influence was a great blend of well-researched scientific theory and practical business applications.  Each of the principles of influence resonated with me and helped me rethink some of the challenges facing my organization.  Later with Dr. Neidert’s assistance, we retooled an important advertising message to help increase response rates.”

    Bill Strathmann

    CEO, Network for Good

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