Keynote Speaker Eric Woodroof, Ph.D.

Eric Woodroof, Ph.D.

Founder of Profitable Green Solutions

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  • The Secret Benefits of Energy Conservation

About Speaker Eric Woodroof…

Keynote speaker Eric Woodroof, PhD., has trained thousands of professionals, leading to billions in savings on energy expenses AND global pollution. His insights are highly respected, earning him US Department of Energy Awards as well as the Lohmann medal. What’s more, he earned a spot as the youngest member inducted into the Association of Energy Engineers’ Hall of Fame!

Why Dr. Eric Woodroof?

Dr. Eric Woodroof’s experiences from 6 continents will excite your audience.  This Hall of Fame member simplifies complex concepts into clear, actionable practices that attendees can apply for immediate benefit.  Watch the 1 Minute Overview and Discover what Dr. Woodroof can do for your group.

Since founding Profitable Green Solutions (PGS) in 1995, Dr. Woodroof has both identified and developed energy projects. In particular projects which are financially attractive, thereby making it attractive and more cost-competitive for businesses to go “green”.

Dr. Woodroof openly shares his best practices through books, articles and other media. In addition, he has created certifications and training programs which are endorsed by countries on 6 continents! A sought-after thought leader, speaker Eric Woodroof, PhD., has even represented the green energy industry in discussions with former US presidents and other leaders.

Dr. Woodroof also served as President of the Association of Energy Engineers, which has over 19,000 members in over 90 countries. He has served on several certification boards and editorial boards before becoming the Chairman of the Energy Management Professional Council.

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  • Many attendees commented that the information and resources presented by Dr. Woodroof were the most valuable take aways from the event!


  • Drew the most attendees at our conference, with standing room only.

    Hawaiian Energy

  • “According to surveys at the end of our event, Woodroof’s presentation was the highest ranked.”

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