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Jamie Woodruff

The Ethical Hacker and Cyber-Security Expert

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Jamie Woodruff is technical director of Metrix Cloud Ltd, a cyber security agency that deals with hacked websites and cyber security training and a former student of Bangor University. He is widely considered to be one of the worlds leading experts on cyber-security – advising banks, corporations and various security agencies around the world.

Jamie failed all his GCSEs apart from IT where he gained an A* as computing comes naturally to him. He then went on to college where he was given a test which identified that he had both Dyslexia and Dyspraxia, which went unnoticed throughout his school years.

Not content at college, Jamie got a job as an IT programmer. One day at work Jamie decided that he had much more to offer, so he started looking into the possibility of getting into university.

Jamie was interviewed by Dr Stephen Marriot the admissions tutor at the School and his technical knowledge and work experience was enough to gain a place at Bangor. Dr Marriot said: “Jamie entered under the mature student’s scheme. This was a result of a personal interview in which I recognised a potential to succeed and a willingness to learn.”

Woodruff entered the public eye when he successfully hacked Facebook as part of a student competition at Bangor University and ever since travels the world to discover security weaknesses within leading security applications such as YouTube, Twitter, Apple, Google, NewAer, Daily Mail, The TrainLine, PlusNet, Simple, Microsoft, multiple Institutions within Governments and Kim Kardashians website.

Jamie recently joined the adcisory team of Cybersmile as a Cyber-Safety advisor and will be helping to develop learning tools and educational resources. The Cybersmile Foundation is a multi award winning anti cyberbullying non-profit organization.

Please inquire as to how Jamie will liven up your event with his somewhat unorthodox live data hacking techniques. Recent examples have included dressing up as a pizza delivery person to access secure IT areas and as a conference waiter to mingle amongst the audience hacking devices. The results subsequently shares with the audience make it abundantly clear how serious a concern cyber-hacking is.

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