Keynote Speaker Hector Monsegur

Hector Monsegur

Controversial Hacker and former Head of Anonymous/LulzSec

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Hector “Sabu” Monsegur is the most controversial hacker of this generation and the former defacto head of Anonymous/LulzSec and lastly a high profile Federal informant. Monsegur’s story is more tangled and complicated than many know. He grew up in the projects on the Lower East Side of New York in a family trapped in a world of poverty and drugs. His mother left him when he was young which led to a close relationship with the rest of his family and the eventual adoption of his two nieces whom he raised from when they were little girls.

Trying to find a better life for himself and his nieces, Monsegur found that his computer skills could empower him far above his socioeconomic barriers and his 9th grade education – but also led him into the dark world of hacking. Monsegur ruled the “hacktivist” scene breaching targets almost daily – from Nintendo, to News Corp, to PayPal/VISA/Mastercard,  to Middle Eastern governments and to the very security firms supposedly protecting against hackers like him. That is until the FBI closed in…


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