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Janine Stange

Motivational Speaker, Singer & Media Personality

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About Speaker Janine Stange…

Janine Stange embodies the never-quit attitude. She is the first person to sing the National Anthem in all fifty states. This challenge was undertaken to raise awareness for the troops. It was also a challenge that was sparked by tragedy.

Janine’s well-known story is newly memorialized in the documentary National Anthem Girl. What few know is that it began as a little girl, working in the family’s Long Island bagel shop.

Her strong-willed, Italian mother had strict rules about efficiency, organization and living an honest life. She also had an uncommon appreciation for the military. As Janine’s singing career took off, she encouraged her to sing the National Anthem at every chance.

Janine promised to give back, eventually. But first, she wanted to win Grammy’s and go on world tour.  After her mother’s sudden passing, Stange was devastated, with no anchor.

Fueled by heart-ache and as an homage to her mom, she decided to sing the Anthem in all fifty states to raise awareness for the troops.

On the emotional, solo journey Janine sang at a high school donkey basketball game one day and a packed NASCAR event, the next. She had to react. Pivot. Re-organize on a daily basis. With no budget, no assistance and no experience, lessons from the chaotic bagel shop flooded back, guiding her along the way.

She met countless, diverse Americans, military and civilian alike. She sang in big cities, and experienced small town Americana at its finest. For Stange, the journey was as good as any World Tour. The lessons from her youth and the way in which these experiences enabled her to make history are the backbone of Janine’s motivational speaking.

Testimonials 6

  • “Janine is a self-contained DYNAMIC package!”

    American Airlines

  • “Janine’s performance and discussion was the perfect way to kick off our Convention. Her delivery was high-quality. “

    American Bankers Association

  • “I laughed. I cried. I walked away inspired. I didn’t get to just ‘hear’ the inspiration. She made us ‘do’ an exercise that is truly life changing.”

    Michigan Realtors

  • “She was fantastic, engaging, entertaining and had a heartfelt message to help people think of what they have, right where they are. I would hire her!”

    Liberty Rent Guarantee

  • “I have been putting on shows for my advertising company for nearly two decades and sometimes speakers are hit-and-miss. Well, Janine was a HIT! Our theme this year was about relationship building and her presentation was so on target.  Truly inspirational.”

    Texas Advertising

  • “We have been bragging about Janine ever since the convention… Her presentation was first class and by far the best that we have ever had. I will recommend her to others that I work with”

    Wayne Reaves

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