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Jim Pancero

Hall of Fame Speaker & Thought Leader

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About Speaker Jim Pancero…

Jim shares have just one goal…to increase you and your team’s personal “Powerhouse Selling Advantage.” The leading-edged ideas Jim shares have been researched, validated and fine-tuned through his decades of proven personal “business to business” sales success including over thirty years influencing and guiding the top performers selling higher priced and/or competitively complex distribution materials, large equipment, or business services.

Even during a 60-minute keynote, Jim’s combination of humor and real-world examples provides even experienced audience members who think they’ve heard it all before and are convinced there’s nothing new in sales with immediately implementable concepts that work.

Jim’s proven concepts center on showing you ways to strengthen the messaging and positioning of your team’s uniqueness and value, gaining more control of your selling processes, and strengthening your leadership team’s abilities to coach and lead in today’s hyper-competitive economy and global marketplace.

Since founding his sales training and consulting company in 1982, Jim has conducted over 3,100 speeches, in-depth seminars or consulting days for more than 600 companies in over 80 different industries. Over 90% of Jim’s clients have utilized his ideas and services more than once. Jim has also been recognized by the National Speakers Association having earned their CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) designation and been inducted into their Speakers Hall of Fame. This combined honor has only been awarded to less than 3% of their 3,500 professional members.

Jim is one of only three faculty members (out of twenty-eight faculty) presenting multiple days at the prestigious University of Innovative Distribution. This is a once a year four-day, University for over 700 distribution sales leaders co-sponsored by Purdue University and forty-five distribution associations.

Testimonials 4

  • “I’ve known Jim for over twelve years and the American Institute of Steel Construction has been using Jim for almost 20 years for a variety of different things. From educating our membership on sales skills, business development, early involvement, also presentation training. And the most value that I’ve seen, particularly for our staff at AISC, is really homing in on their sales skills. So polishing attributes of a sales call, understanding what are the value propositions for a sale. And really using all those key strategies to improve what we do which is increasing the market share of structural steel into every conversation, every group, every relationship we build.”

    Tabitha Stine

    V.P. of Market Development, American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC)

  • “We just finished a day with Jim. We’ve got an organization that’s got several facets when it comes to sales. We have the technical sales guy, the immediate sales, day sales kind of individuals.

    Jim helped us look at how we do business across the different types of sales we do and gave us some really good tools we can use to get proactive, get out in the customer’s office and try to promote ourselves in a different and better way that we don’t think our competition uses on a regular basis.

    We’re really appreciative of his day here and it’s going to benefit us a great deal I think.”

    Nat Killpatrick

    President, Basden Steel Corporation

  • “We just used Jim Pancero for a four-day training session with our staff. We’re very excited about the program he put together and the industry knowledge he presented to us that helped break down some of our walls we had to the typical training stigmas.

    We were able to quickly move through the material and I feel we’re going to be a much better organization because of it.”

    Josh Coffman

    Everglades Farm Equipment, Odessa FL

  • “Here at Firestone Industrial Products we hired Jim to help our organization to become most more proactive as we found ourselves much more reactive than we like to be, very technically focused. But we want to be more customer focused, and Jim’s done that.”

    In the day and a half we spent with him he’s introduced a lot of neat concepts, a lot of impactful ideas and suggestions to help us make that migration from technically focused sales organization to an organization that’s much more proactive. An organization that can demonstrate and illustrate value to the customers.

    It’s really helped us to move to the next chapter in our sales evolution. I highly recommend Jim.”

    Corey Moore

    Director, North America Heavy Duty Sales, Firestone Industrial Products

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