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Josh Packard

Sociologist, Speaker, Consultant

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    Colorado, USA

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About Speaker Josh Packard…

Dr. Josh Packard’s research-driven insights reveal opportunities in places organizations, entrepreneurs and executives have been conditioned to ignore.  As an expert in organizational commitment and design, he helps you to think differently in order to drive true and lasting innovation and client engagement.  Josh leverages lessons from organizational and behavioral science to help you build and lead an innovative organization and lead change efforts that actually last.  Josh has a passion for translating complex academic ideas into accessible and actionable insights for industries who are looking to engage and inspire a new, modern workforce that has shifted dramatically in recent years.  He has been a keynote speaker for numerous groups and thousands of people.  He is also the host of the wildly popular podcast, The Bias Disruption.  Josh is a sociologist, professor and researcher at the University of Northern Colorado, where he also serves as the Executive Director of the Social Research Lab.  His research has appeared in numerous academic and trade publications.

Testimonials 2

  • “Josh’s research is an organizational game-changer. He identifies the forces behind the societal trend of intentional institutional disengagement. If you want to leverage this trend, instead of fall victim to it, you need to talk to him.”

    Jeff Hurt

    Executive Vice President, Velvet Chainsaw Consulting

  • “As a professional speaker, I get to see the gamut of speakers out there in the world. Only rarely do I happen across one as razor-sharp smart, wise and witty as Dr. Packard. I recently saw him on the mainstage of the National Speakers Association’s Influence conference and I was utterly blown away, as were 1500 participants in the audience. We were engaged, enlightened and in awe that an academic could leave us all abuzz with new thinking.”

    Scott Halford

    Member National Speakers Hall of Fame, WSJ best-selling author of Activate Your Brain

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