Keynote Speaker Keld Jensen

Keld Jensen

Negotiation, Trust, and Behavioral Economics Expert

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    $10,001 - $20,000 i
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    Danish, English
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    Arizona, USA

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Keld Jensen brings a unique blend of real-world experience and strategic problem solving to the global conversation on optimizing business transactions.

Through his experience as CEO of several publicly traded Scandinavian companies, his participation in numerous start-ups, and as Founder and CEO of Center for Negotiation, he advocates changing the culture of deal making organizations in order to impact the bottom line and increase shareholder value.

Jensen is a highly acclaimed and sought after speaker with over 20 years of experience on the podium where he has consistently achieved the highest audience rankings. He is regarded as a thought leader in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and North America and is one of the most influential authorities in the world today on negotiation as a leadership competency. Jensen is the originator of the concepts of NegoEconomics™, SMARTnership™ and Tru$t Currency™ – all of which have changed the vocabulary in the field.

Jensen has acquired a global following as a result of his frequent speaking engagements at international conferences, his worldwide consultancy practice, his widely sought after media commentary, and his prolific book publishing. As a highly-regarded contributor to FORBES.COM, he has twice achieved the most highly viewed posting. He is also an adjunct faculty member at the Aalborg University in Denmark, Baltic Management Institute in Lithuania and Thunderbird School of Global Management in Phoenix, USA.

He is former chairman of the Board for Center for Negotiation at Copenhagen Business School in Denmark.

In both 2015 and 2016 Jensen was appointed to be among the Top Thought Global Leaders in Trust. An exclusive group of less than 100 people globally were awarded this title. Keld Jensen has been nominated as best public speaker in Denmark.

He has published 24 books in 38 countries; including Negotiating Partnership, which has been translated into four languages; Communicative Competence, which was acclaimed as one of Scandinavia’s best management books, SMARTnership – The Third Road: Optimizing Negotiation Outcomes (Acanthus Publishing 2012), and The Trust Factor: Negotiating in SMARTnership™ (Palgrave Macmillan 2013). Positive Impact (Motivational Press 2015) and Intelligence is Overrated – What You Really Need to Succeed (Motivational Press 2015). In 2017 he will be releasing his latest book – Honest Negotiation.

If you are interested in the latest research in negotiation, behavioral economics and trust from the awarded author and speaker Mr. Keld Jensen and learn why organizations such as Novo Nordisk, Rolls Royce, EADS, LEGO, Danish Government, Canadian Government, ThermoFisher, UNICEF and others taps into his brain for advice and support this is a presentation not to be missed.

Testimonials 3

  • ”I have met and worked with Keld Jensen more times during the last 5 years.. His seminar in professional negotiation was ranked as one of the best seminars by the students among all seminars during the whole eMBA education at BMI.

    His huge international understanding on culture differences and the impact on those in negotiation was to a benefit for all at the eMBA education. No doubt that Keld’s knowledge about professional negotiation on all levels is one of the most recognized in in the international business environment”

    Morten Christensen

    Snior Director, Statoil Fuels & Retailas

  • “Mr. Jensen’s contribution to business and society. International trade is fundamental to economic well-being; it is also critical to international relations and harmony.

    Given the foremost role of the United States in the field of international trade, his research and teaching are invaluable in supporting the country’s success in global markets.”

    Timm Cummins

    Founder and CEO, IACCM International Association for Contract and Commercial Management

  • “Mr. Jensen represents an important and unique voicein the field of negotiation. His novel approach combines expert academic knowledge with practical approaches and has generated a unique concept in SMARTnership and the financial model of NegoEconomics.”

    “Mr. Jensen is a prolific writer and educator on negotiation, communication, ethics, and trust. His output of high-quality books and articles is indeed remarkable.”

    Daniel L. Shapiro

    Director, Harvard Law School

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